Cameras OFFline again 4/16/24

Again, same cameras that were offline last night - worked today but have gone offline again in the past hour.


Kind of getting ridiculous huh?

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My floodlight v3 cams just send event notices to me and sends to the event page when they want to. I can go back and view on the SD card as I have them set to continuous recording. I have done extensive trouble shooting on my own and duplicated what the “experts” at WYZE wanted me to do again only with the final reply as to wait until the next update and let them know if that doesn’t fix it. This started after the last update and only affected my floodlight v3 cams, others are working as usual. They will work a time or two after power cycling, restarting, resetting services, and even deleted and reinstalled as new devices, then screws up again. So much for using these as security cameras for real time notification which was delayed most of the time when they were working.