Bugs are getting out of control

I will focus on this bug first, since its critical:

I have 14 v3 cameras at two locations.

Since the latest firmware update NONE are recording events!!!

And some of them are not recording AT ALL.

You can still view live video.

This needs to be corrected ASAP! This is literally the purpose of the product and the latest update has made all of the cams completely useless!!

Hi mike7, sorry to hear this. Could you please help me submit few device logs for these V3 and we will taake a look for you. Thanks!


Try removing the cam from cam plus and adding it again. This has fixed it for many


I would start by checking settings. I have 13 operational V3 cameras and all of them are recording events to the cloud and continuously to uSD cards just fine. Two of them have RTSP firmware and the rest have “normal”

K6ccc – Settings have not changed, and i have cycled some off/on again for good measure.

Ieatbeans – I tried this and it fixed ONE cam. Not the others. I see this complaint all over the forum. Great! No events for 7 days, no official announcement of this issue.

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Could you please help me submit one log for the 10.2864 firmware device? Thanks!


Wyzedesmond -

I re-shuffled the subscriptions on all of the cameras again, and then I spent an hour on the phone with a 78 year old at that location, to do a few things.

The firmware update i did on Nov 2nd definitely “broke” notifications and events. No events have been recorded or logged since then.

Two of the cameras had “this device is offline” displayed. I could still view live video on the supposed “offline” cameras, but i could not reset them remotely (because it claims its offline even though it clearly is not). So i had the person power cycle those two cameras on site. Those two cams then appeared online normally. We then toggled all notification related options off and back on again, for every camera.

After doing all of that (power cycles, removing and adding subscriptions, and toggling all event and notifications options off and back on again) things appear to be working normally again.

I’d add this to the wish list if i thought it’d happen:

don’t make updates that require ridiculous exercises for the end user to fix unexpected issues and restore normal operation after an update.

Even more imporrant - no camera should require a physical power cycle due to an update. “Device is offline” when it really is not, should not prevent a remote reset!!

Sorry i do not have any logs now, as my priority was getting the user’s cameras working properly again.

I will not be doing any more updates until forced to do so.

Please add the option to stop nagging the user to update firmware every time, for those of us who do not like unpleasant surprises!!


Complaining is more fun though,