Live stream won't load on Floodlight Pro but ok on V3 same house/network

I have multiple devices, 7 in my house all on the same IP/WIFI SSID. Recently I added a 2nd and 3rd floodlight Pro. Ever since the 2 additional units the live stream feature, when viewing on my android, is VERY intermittent. It will go the “Step 2 of 3” and then never authenticate with the camera. I have restarted camera and App. The other camera’s work fine for live stream. Also of note, the cameras are still working because I get the “Event” notification from them. The only help the chat help line had was to do a hard restart, but the fact it works sometimes and that other camera’s work I’m doubting that/it is very cumbersome due to the location of the Floodlights. I’m on firmware.

How many WiFi devices do you have connected to your router? Maybe you’ve reached the device limit of the router so it’s dropping devices off.

I have maybe 20 devices across 3 AP’s. I will confirm IP’s have priority and lock onto best AP.