You should fix all the problems with cameras and your app before adding all these new unrelated products

Hi. I’ve been a user of Wyze cameras since the beginning. I was so impressed with your videos talking about how important it was to you to have an affordable camera of high-quality available to everyone. I am one that really needed them and could not afford them and I was thrilled with your products in the beginning. I am utterly dissatisfied now because you have branched out to so many other things before really keeping your cameras functionality and the app issues a priority. Do you ever watch Shark Tank? I don’t think you do. Because the one thing you might take away if you did, is that you can drown yourself by trying to create too many products instead of focusing on your original goals and perfecting the main product. I have been actively seeking other affordable cameras because there are so many problems with yours. Perhaps it’s the app more than the cameras themselves, but one is worthless without the other. I like that you give us the opportunity to submit recordings, but I don’t think you pay any attention to them and You don’t give enough options. You ask is it a person, a pet, lighting change, etc. But if the problem is outside of the options available there is no opportunity to provide that information. For instance, when somebody comes through the door in the hallway outside of my apartment, I might see them enter and then all of a sudden they disappear. I have no idea how much time has passed or what they did after they disappeared because it’s not captured on the camera if it’s skipping. Or sometimes I see the door closing as somebody has just walked through it but I never see who it was. The camera outside of my door is for theft protection. I run a charity out of my apartment and the cameras are to prevent thieves from taking donated items. I can’t see who took them or who did what if it’s skipping and only showing me the door closing instead of the person, or showing the person and then skipping and they vanished into thin air. Perfect your cameras and the app. When you have done that, then branch out. You’re all over the place. And until what I already have works the way it should, I would never even consider purchasing another one of your products. I would anticipate more frustration from the same exact problems with any new products. Your goal originally was so that everybody could have cameras for security. Now it seems your goal is money in your pocket. You went from being a unique and caring company to being just like everyone else. I have five of your Cameras and would have more but I will not even consider it until you perfect the app so that they work as intended. Otherwise what is the point? Meanwhile I’ll be trying out some other brands.


You should read this post which is a letter from the Wyze founders addressing many of the things you brought up:

Basically, they decided that 2023 is “The Year of the camera” where they are going to focus on cameras and improving their app and supporting things they already have. They said there will be very few exceptions to this (they already had the router pro announced last year, so they still had that coming, and they already had the new “non-neutral-wire switch” in testing so it’s still coming) but otherwise they are going back to the basics of cameras and working on the app and improving what they already have just like you asked.


Oh that’s wonderful. I have been requesting this on every site or conversation I could find and requesting it to customer service repeatedly for the past year or so. I’m very glad to read this, thank you so much for sharing it. I don’t know where you found the letter but I never saw it. I’m very glad to see it and hope they stick to it. They have the opportunity to regain the respect they had from the beginning from so many customers. The complaints that I’ve been making I see posted by others all over the place. Hopefully this will get them back on track as the best, most caring camera company they started out to be. I loved that they cared about making quality cameras available at affordable prices so everyone could have them. It was disappointing that they zigzagged all over the place. I’m very glad to read this letter. Thank you

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