Fix The Problems With The Present Products Before Releasing New Products

Wyze You Need To Stop Putting Out So Many Products And Fix The Problems With The Cameras, I Upgraded To V3 Cams And It Has Been Nothing But An Uphill Battle, I Have Put In 3 Support Tickets And Heard Nothing Back Video Playback Is So Out Of Sync On Continuance Play Back Taking For Ever For The Video To Catch Up With Timeline And Now AWS Is Down My Cameras Indoors Just Turned On By Them Selfs, I Cant Turn Them Off Through The App So I Have To Unplug Them My Out Door Cams Are Showing Off Line, I Just Spent 20Min On The Phone With Customer Service And Thats All She Kept Saying Is “No Worries I Understand That Your Upset” And While I Am Hear Let Me Also Vent About The Wyze Sense Kits I Bought With My V2 Cams That Do Not Work With Any Upgraded Equipment 4 Of Them Just Sitting On My Desk Because They Didnt Think About People Like Me That Just Purchased Them Now They Want Me To Buy There Next Gen Ones And Force Me Into Paying For Monitoring Service That I dont Want You Were Doing So Good When You Only Had A Few Products Fix The Old Stuff Before Putting Out The New, Its Like The Wyze 47 Watch I Just Bought Last Week It Is Not Even Alexa Compatible But The Cheaper Wyze Band Is My Rant Is Over Just A Very Unhappy Customer :frowning: