Get your stuff together Wyze

Whats the customer service issue/not replying to submitted issues???

How about, let’s stop being so busy with new products with new issues and fix what’s been broken for awhile.

It hurts to say this because I really am a fan of the company, but if your stuff wasn’t so cheap I think a lot of people would have bailed out by now.

With that being said, can you now respond as to why all the V3’s are having this static issue in the audio or why I’m having playback problems with it cutting off the first few seconds of video? Or why my door lock just randomly doesn’t unlock when I come near it. Or why my outdoor cam just disconnects from wifi. Or why the audio from a camera just continues to play even when I back out of the app. I have to go “kill” it to make it stop.

Is this enough yet??? All I get is the generic “we’ve received you submission” notification but never a real reply or fix to the issue. I’ve always debated whether ‘growing too fast for a company can be bad’ is a true thing, but you sure are making that statement more valid over time