Xfinity xb8 modem not connecting to camera

Got new xfinity xb8 modem and unable to connect to any cam v1-v3. Modem automatically allows 2.4ghz and so on. Cannot change the settings in router. Never finds the wifi. Deleted all cameras and still nothing. Having issues with other wifi devices as well. Xifinity reps are clueless to assist.

Is it connecting to cams newer than V3?

If not connecting to any cam, it could be a couple of issues, but you can’t deal with it without the ability to configure the router. If Xfinity won’t let you configure the router, send it back and get a Mesh system of your own. There is a reason they won’t let you configure it and it isn’t for your benefit.

  • Security protocol on the router is set for WPA3? Cams can’t operate there. Needs to be WPA2-PSK or lower.
  • Router is running dual networks \ dual SSID? Phone must be logged into same SSID as cams on 2.4GHz.
  • Router is running single SSID but phone on 5GHz is not being given access in router to 2.4GHz devices? Disable the 5Ghz network to force phone onto 2.4GHz network.


The Xfinity Website indicates that the Gateway is configurable thru a HTML interface:

It also indicates personal equipment is allowed:

  • Before purchasing your own equipment, confirm it’s approved for use with Xfinity services and can achieve the maximum capability of your subscribed speed tier.

Other resources include the possibility of configuration thru the XFi app:

Configuration Help Page:

Discover how to personalize and manage home WiFi with xFi

XFinity Online Support Center:

SlabSlayer, thank you. You’re the best!

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You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words.

I also have Xfinity but I use my own cable modem/router because I don’t want to pay the a monthly fee and I want control of the device.

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