Cam V3 Network Setup

Just like to give thanks to Wyze support:

I was helping a neighbor setup a new Wyze Cam V3 and it kept failing to connect to the network. The support technician helped me discover the problem. There were two SSID names on the Xfinity network router that were identical. One was on the 2.4 GHz network and the other was on the 5.0 GHz network. The camera was not smart enough to focus on the 2.4 net.

The technician referred me to Xfinity (Comcast) support. They instructed me on how to change one of the names. I left the 5.0 GHz name alone, and I renamed the other by adding 24 to the name. I rebooted the router and then told the camera to use the xxxx24 network. It instantly completed the setup procedure. It’s been working great for the last few days.
Thanks, again.