Cam won’t connect

My first attempt to set up and connect the camera to my WiFi network worked. Then I unplugged it to moved it and it was no longer connected when I plugged it back in. In many attempts to set it up again it just won’t connect. So I got about ten minutes of use from my new camera

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Have you tried checking Wi-Fi signal strength and quality where you tried to move the camera to? I use Netgears WiFi Analytics app when I’m having trouble like this. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I moved the camera back within strong range. Multiple attempts to connect. Always announced it can’t locate the network.

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They take a few moments to connect after replugging them back in. You said you also tried setting them back up, and they don’t see your network at all? What step of setup do they get hung on? Do you have a really long pw or ssid? Also your wifi is only 2.4 GHz right?

Comcast WiFi Router is both 2.4 and 5. I see no way to drop out of 5. And the cam did connect the first time. Not long password. After the setup camera captures the code, then it just won’t connect. Says it doesn’t find the network

I bet the router is doing some band steering towards the 5ghz but the can’t do that. Some routers are better than others and sometimes allow the 2.4 ghz to connect if that’s all it has. I had to use an old router that I had in a bin for years to make a side 2.4 GHz network for all my IoT stuff before I upgraded to a unifi access point.

Some people have had success going outside the range of the 5ghz, buy within the range of the 2.4 for setup. Are you able to make a 2.4 only guest Network?

I can understand routers act differently.

I have routers each with 2.4G and 5G. They even use the same SSID on each network. I don’t disable anything. I do have cams on their own network.

Too bad it is not a consistent experience across all systems, but then there may be too many variables to control.

Seems bizarre that it wouldn’t work with a router that probably millions of people have. I wouldn’t have bought this had I known it required technological knowledge to use.

Before I upgraded my router I had a Comcast router that had both 2.4 and 5. All my cams worked fine on it. The only thing was I had the 2.4 and 5 set up with different SSID names if that mattered.

Thanks. Don’t know how to accomplish that.

Having sepperate ssids works with Wyze stuff, I was just gathering from what I’ve seen on here is that different manufacturer routers with 2.4s and 5s that share SSID’s seem to handle band steering for IoT things that only handle 2.4 differently, with varying sucess.

I think everyone has to be a bit or an IT person nowadays, unless you buy all apple products. :grinning:

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All my attempts to reconnect were done close to router. I got Comcast to separate the bands. It still won’t connect.
I got it to connect at work so there is something going on between camera and router. I’m afraid to buy a different brand because I might have the same problem
I wish someone could explain how it worked the very first time I set it up.

I had similar problems and swapped out my aged Nightgear R7000 for an Amplifi HD (w/ mesh points). I haven’t had a single problem since then. They do have less expensive options, too.

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