"Cannot connect to LAN" message during setup

I went through all the steps I could thinks of – reset router, camera, app. Check IP addresses active on router, etc. No go. Is there a step or action I have missed or should retry (even though I’ve done the retry at least 5x on most steps.)

Thanks for any suggestions so that I can actually use the camera (V.2).

What router are you using? Does to support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz. Does it use the same Wifi name (SSID) for both bands?

What is the LED on the back of the Wyze v2 camera doing, and what color is it?

Have you read this? https://www.wyzecam.com/wyzecam-wont-connect/

I had the ‘won’t connect’ problem with my second cam. Tried for two days. Suddenly, after reading everything, realized my wifi had reverted to the 5GHz. Switched it back to 2.4GHz and it connected almost immediately. May not be your problem, but it’s worth checking.