Power Outtage / Cannot Connect


Just received my 2 Wyzecams yesterday and had them both up and running last night. This afternoon, we had a power outtage for about 2 hours and when the power came back on, neither of my Wyzecams would connect. I’ve tried deleting the devices and starting from scratch. After it scans the QR code it tells me it cannot connect to local network. I’ve unplugged my router and reset it. iPads and cell phones connecting to internet fine, so I know router is working.

Any ideas as to why the cameras won’t vonnect to my network now?



You can do a factory reset by pushing and holding down on the same area that you push when you want to set up your camera. Just be sure to hold it for 30 sec.


TY for your reply. I just tried the hard reset as you suggested but it still says cannot connect to local network. Strange that it’s also talking about 5G now, saying if my router does 5G and 2.4Ghz to make sure I have the settings entered for 2.4Ghz. I have not changed any settings from when I set it up last night at 10pm! Worked fine last night. This is crazy! :frowning:

Any other ideas?!

  • I have a camera with the same symptom. I moved mine a couple times and it had trouble connecting. The next morning it couldn't connect. I tried most the above suggestions including loading an earlier version of the firmware . No luck. My 2.4 and 5 wifi have different SSID.

Have you talked to Wyzecam support yet? I’m trying to do everything I know to do before contacting them. I’m so disappointed! I just can’t believe how easy it was to set them up yesterday, and today they won’t connect! I’ve spent several hours trying to sort this out to no avail! So frustrating!

Please reply back to this post if you get it sorted out, and I’ll do the same.


I filed a ticket with support 4/12. No reply yet. I’ll post here when they do.

I have the same issue I connected last night then I wanted to put it on my guest network and it won’t connect no matter what I do, factory reset, power cycle, reset, retry …

Same Android issue. Cam was working fine. Moved then no connection so I reset and could not connect. I was about to give up when I tried setting up an open AP and noticed the password was still filled in. I removed it and the cam finally connected. Repowered still good so I deleted and tried with secured guest network I orginally had. I had to add the password on the WiFi screen put otherwise worked. So it appears there is a bug in the Android app. Plus some sort of other issue that causes it to disconnect.

I ended up having to dig my old wireless 2.4G router out and hooking it up to finally get the cameras to work. So now I have 2 wireless routers going in my home. Ridiculous, when my main router has both 2.4 and 5G bandwidth. No idea why the cameras can’t figure that out (when originally they were able to, until the power outage happened.)

I also have had issues on my mesh network. Some of the nodes are 2.4 GHz only and some are 2.4 & 5 GHz. I found that if a camera attempted to connect to a dual band node, it would not connect, but if it attempted to connect to a 2.4 GHz only node, it would connect just fine. I created a separate SSID that is 2.4 GHz only and the cameras work fine. I also don’t know why it should be an issue - I have other 2.4 GHz only devices that work just fine on dual band nodes.


It would seem to simple for a 2.4 Ghz only device to ignore 5 Ghz WiFi but oddly I am seeing more and more posts in automation forums about this same issue. The SSIDs should definitely be diff for them. If for no other reason than to reduce issues that apps like Wyze’s that pull the info of the WiFi your phone is connected to to config the camera. Plus you want your 5 Ghz devices to use 5 Ghz when they can. If the SSIDs are the same your device may randomly connect to 2.4.

FYI I’ve also seen issues with some older cams not dealing with channel changes (a lot of modern APs auto switch channels to avoid interference). Again a pretty basic thing you would expect to be dealt with but is not always. I don’t think I’ve seen this yet with the Wyze cam but given the price point and software flux with these cams I would definitely keep and eye out for that kind of thing too.