Wzecam outdoor won't record events

Got my wyzecam outdoor set up can see it in the app and on my computor using bluestacks. I have 2 other wired cams that record events but this one won’t. I have an sd card in the base have tried it in the camera too but it doesn’t work either way.

No events on the events page of the app? You will not get any videos recorded to the SD in the camera unless you are doing scheduled event recording. scheduled continuous record or time lapse recording. The SD in the base should have event videos if you have back up to base turned on but it is not compatible with cam plus. If you wave your had in front of the cam do you get an event notification?
Which version of firmware does the cam have? Is detects motion turned on?

Correct no events on events page I have the SD in the base do not have cam plus I have detects motion turned on and back up to base turned on. If I wave my had in front of it I get an event. Firm ware is

camera firm ware is

You said if you wave you hand in front of it you get an event, but no event on the events page. How is that possible?? Make sure all the filters on you events page are off.(WHITE) Make sure you are on the correct day. Or tap cameras then show results bottom of next page.

If I wave my hand in front it works I get an event but if I go outside and walk past the cam it doesn’t record. I have the camera in a window inside until I got it set up then I will mount it outside but like I said if I walk out in my yard it doesn’t record the event. All the filters on the events page are white off

The window is your issue, the PIR sensor has little sensitivity through glass, try it outside.

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Thank you that was the problem put it out side the window and it worked thanks

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Read this, especially the last paragraph about motion . The cam detects motion side to side the best. To capture this garbage truck the the face of the camera is pointed in the direction of the red line. The PIR Zone is very wide.

Thanks for that it explains a lot.

I have two outdoor cameras outside, the filters are off, I have cam plus and sd cards in both cameras. Neither of them record events. The cameras I believe are aimed in the PIR effective area.

#1. The SD cards in the camera will only record thumbnail photos of events. It will record videos using time lapse, scheduled event recording, and scheduled continuous recordings. It will not record video events to the base using cam plus.
#2. I use scheduled event recording to the SD card, set for 10 days, no cooldown period and a max length for each event set at 2 minutes but I still get the 12 second notifications. The red line on this screenshot show where the face of the cam is pointing.

Are these the battery cam? If so ours will do time lapse I do the sunset every nite and it’s in my albums

I have a horizontal blue line above a blue shaded area. I don’t have any schedule events. I didn’t have any issues with the wired v3 cameras.

They are battery operated and I haven’t used time lapse.

The V3 uses pixel change to detect motion/light change. The Battery powered WCO uses PIR detection. Since I removed the cam plus from my 4 WCO I now use scheduled event recording to the 32 GB SD in the cam. They will record as long as motion continues up to the time limit I set at 2 min. each event. As I said I get the 12 second cloud event clips but if I want to view the entire event I have to remove the SD card and view it in a PC. I don’t recommend doing scheduled continuous recording except for a very brief period as it will drain the battery in about 8 hours.


Thank You for your comments Antonius!!

I do not understand scheduling, I would like to record events (persons, vehicles & pets) 24/7.

Is there a way to schedule that?

If you want to record everything continuous 24/7 you are going to have to use your wiredV3 camera .The Battery powered cam will record continuous but it will probably drain the battery to zero after 6 to 8 hours.

I have 4 Battery powered cams. They will record whenever the cam detects something, cats, cars people, possums, raccoons. I guess I don’t understand your record events 24/7. My cams record events anytime day or night. I take them down and charge them when the battery gets to 40 % which is about 6-7 weeks depending on how many events and for how long. You don’t have to schedule anything for the cams to record events, they just need to detect something. I use scheduled event recording so I can obtain longer event videos because I cancelled my cam plus on those cams.
Do your cameras have cam plus?

All events will record on the outdoor camera, we have ours on cam + and have the sensitivity set @ 60-90 depending on what camera…also the outdoor will not record threw a glass window

Thanks kae4560 for your comments!!

I am able to view both wireless cams live but nothing ever shows up on events.

I must not have something checked or something I shouldn’t have checked.