WYZZ SOLAR panel install using STEALTH CAM SOL-PAK 3X

Well this was non intuitive to even start this thread.
too many options and tags to start an aggravated rant

Ok, so you want solar on the cheap for all your WYZZ [mod edit] camera needs.
amazon has STEALTH CAM SOL-PAK 3X, solar panel kit ready to go.
you just need the adaptor for micro usb to plug into the wyzz outdoor v2

the sol-pak uses the ROUND old computer plug style end
im sure a nerd here will help and tell us what its called.
anyway the micro usb which is ancient now since everything is C TO C, …wyzz on v2 outdoor has micro usb so you need the round adaptor to micro usb to use the sol pak.
go into your camera settings
then after settings click ACCESSORIES tjen dolar panel.
turn it on…solar panel ON.
youre done youre welcome

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