Solar panel quick charging

Solar panel model WSP2W has quit charging my outdoor cam. I plugged in and set up a new camera and it works fine plugged into power. I took it outside and plugged it into the solar panel and the camera started making a buzzing noise. I disconnected and retried it. What’s wrong with my solar panel?

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A quick question, can you please let us know which Camera you are plugging the Solar Panel into?

Asking because it is to be used with only the Wyze Cam Outdoor Battery Camera

The camera that was originally connected was a Wyze Cam Outdoor, WVOD1. When it quit charging it, I tried it with Wyze Cam 3 in an attempt to determine if it is the camera or the solar panel.

:astonished: :astonished: Sorry the Solar panel is for the battery powered cams only. You need to use the 5 Volt-1 Amp power adapter that came with the V3 to use it. I have V3 cams outdoors but the power adapter is not weather proof so they are plugged in indoors.


Absolutely what @Antonius said. V3 is not compatible with the Solar Panel. If you use the plug, included in the box, it has to be used inside. If you have a plug outdoors and want to use it there, you can use this:

You can also use the indoor plug in a weather proof enclosure like this:

Then apparently my solar panel has quit working. I put an outdoor cam that was working in another location on it and it fails to work like the first one. Is it possible that the solar panel has gone bad?

Thanks. I hate to lose the ability to charge with the solar panel, but I guess something has happened to it.