Wyzecam V3 flicker causing events

Hi all, brand new user here from the UK. I am hoping this is known about and a fix is available,

I have attached 2 x small video captures from my events tab which triggered notifications to be sent despite the detection mask covering the areas the subjects were walking in.


You will see the flickers I am referring to.

Now the weird part, if I view the playback and then hit the record button to make a clip, there is no sign of the flickering either on the playback or the new recording!

This leads me to determine the problem is not with what the camera sees/records but with the detections process itself.

Has anyone any ideas on how best to deal with this please?


Welcome to the forum @Slammer99uk

There have been a few other discussions amongst the Wyze community forums about this behavior.
Looks to only be happening on iOS and only certain models and iOS versions, believed to have started with iOS 15 and 1 or 2 previous versions of the Wyze App

While I do not believe there is a resolution for it at this time, curious as to what Apple device you are using and what the iOS version is.

Thanks for the reply. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one.

I have a number of Apple devices that I can use to access the app:-

  • iPhone 13 Pro running IOS 15.0.2
    This is my go to device where I definitely see the problem

  • An older iPad Pro running iPadOS 15.0.2
    Just checked the same events and no sign of the problem

  • An old iPad Mini running IOS 12.5.5
    This is set up as a 100% live viewer on an arm on my desk - Just checked and as suspected, no problem evident.

  • A very old iPhone 6 running IOS 12.5.5
    Only used for testing rubbish, but also no problem evident.

So to sum up then, the problem is with the iPhone 13 running the latest IOS. But what I do not understand is why the device I decide the view alerts and events on would cause the flickering to trigger thess alerts and notifications even if the app is not even open on the device causing the problem??

Any chance you can suggest a search string to find other discussions about this problem please?


Confusing indeed.

I posted your link in a beta test thread and tagged a Wyze team member in response to when I identified this issue in my testing feedback.

Here is another discussion

Again thank you for the reply and referral R Good.

Are you aware if others have experienced his flickering causing problems with event triggering/notifications?



Not to my knowledge… I suspect it wouldn’t given the flickering isn’t consistent across multiple platforms.

I did see where you are getting events from areas that are outside of your detection zone. What camera are you using, guessing a V3?
What is your sensitivity set at?
Are you using Cam Plus?
If so were your notifications Motion or AI (Person/Vehicle) notifications?

I’ve seen flickering trigger captures, but I haven’t had flickering issues for years now, and back then they were rare, like once a month or so. So I can’t speak to what you are seeing, just that it is possible.

One thing I notice tho is you don’t have the detection mask covering all the areas the subjects were walking in – check out the roof line to the left. Their heads are taller than the roof, and you do have a gap there. A small gap like that can trigger a recording, although I’d expect the playback to be earlier.

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Thanks Newshound, I have added that square to the mask now. I will test again tomorrow after sunrise as I have had to set up a rule to turn off notifications at sunset and back on at sunrise or I will never sleep :slight_smile:

I can confirm that the flickering problem affects just about all events recorded.


First of all re boot camera to see if that works it might be RF Interfence

Don’t ask me how or why, but it appears the flickering has stopped of its own accord. As far as I am aware I did nothing to cure it. All captures appear fluid and flicker free so far, but I will be keeping a close eye on this.

Actually, now I come to think of it, I did join the beta test program and installed the latest beta? That may have cured it, however I am not convinced :slight_smile:


Interesting. I am still seeing it on my side.

I don’t think there is a beta app available at the moment. I believe all versions are Release Candidate 2.25.21 (1) for iOS and 2.25.22 on Android.

But not experiencing the flicker on Android or older iOS devices.

2.25.21 (1) for iOS is the version I am on here


It appears as if the iOS 15.1 update has resolved the video flicker.

I no longer see it after updating and a few other community members have validated as well.