Janky Event video playback iOS

Playback of video event clips from the 2x v3 cams I have are janky and have been for some time.

By janky, i mean, some sort of frame jumps/skips, duplicate frames, ghosting effect, strobe like effect ever couple seconds. Especially when there is motion.

Live stream of cams are just fine.

iOS 15 iPhone 13 Pro Max

Issue is not present on my old iPhone XR with iOS 15 as well or my old Pixel 3 with Android 12.

Issue has been present on stable app version and I just installed beta version from app store 2.25.21(1) and it still exists.

I am seeing the same thing on my iOS 12 Max and it only appears to be happening when playing back from the Wyze app. If you download the video the skipping goes away.

I have been discussing it in the Beta release thread and have made the Wyze team in that thread aware.

I just checked playback on 5 different events from my one V3. Playback is normal and smooth without any issues. iPhone SE 2020 iOS 15.2. and iOS app 2.25.21.

Yep, they were fine on my iPad and Samsung Note 10+ as well. Something with the 12 and 13 Max… it is weird.

there is no iOS 15.2.
15.1 is not even released yet.

15.0.2 Happy now ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I started seeing something similar a couple of days ago.
When playing back events from my outdoor cam or video doorbell, there is a flash every few seconds like a frame from another part of the video showing at the wrong time.

Seems to be every clip from those two cameras, but not on either of my Wyze cam v2s.
Also downloaded the video and it played back normally, so it only seems to be playback within the Wyze app.

I’m running latest firmware and on iOS 15.02 with iPhone 12 mini.

To reiterate, this has been a issue i have had for a while, I just keep for getting to come here and report it.

It started with when iOS 15.0 was released and installed on my 12 Pro Max, or just after that perhaps.

Wyze app video event playback did not have this issue before that.

But, there have been app updates and camera firmware updates since iOS 15.0 came out on Sept 20. So it maybe something in that and not iOS maybe.

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my 12 pro max updated to iOS 15.1 few days ago and the Wyze event video playback is no longer janky. no idea if it was the iOS update, or a Wyze app update at or around the same time that fixed it.

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Thanks. Updating now. It may be a moot point soon for me personally… Pixel 6 just came in. If it does well it may end up being my daily driver :smiley:

@SpeedingCheetah I’m about to test that theory out when I update to iOS 15.1 in a minute. Right now I can reproduce the playback issue reliably on several videos.

Well ill be dipped. Just tested 20 videos with passing cars and they were smooth as silk.

Yep the issue is completely gone after the update to iOS 15.1

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