WyzeCam V3 Channel 12/13 wifi w/hidden ssid not working

WyzeCam v3 here…working great…except with the wifi on certain channels.

A WiFi network set to channel 12 or13, the v3 works great, EXCEPT when the SSID is set to “hidden”… the camera refuses to connect. Tested with several different routers, different model routers and routers from different manufacturers ( to make sure it’s not something unique to my setup) .

Tried 4 different v3’s, all the same issue, problem happens on old and the latest version of the firmware.

The V2 has no problems with channels 12/13, ssid hidden or not, the V2 cam’s connect just fine.

If you want to test this out, set your router to channel 12 or 13, and then set the ssid to hidden. The camera will refuse to connect. It appears that this is a firmware issue.

Anyone else experience this?

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I will test that tomorrow…


I don’t have a V3 yet but I wonder if this is even technically a bug. I’d think a lot of consumer grade gear would have issues with unbroadcast SSIDs. Worst case you could add a segment with an advertised SSID just for your V3s…

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I thought 12 and 13 were not for North America? It may not be a bug that it’s not working due to that.

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12 and 13 are legal in the USA - but only in low power mode. Many consumer WiFi devices do not even offer them as available channels. BTW, channel 14 is totally illegal in the USA.


I stand corrected, so would Wyve cams count as a low power device?

I think low power for this band is less than 20mW indoors.

so far, I haven’t had a single issue with consumer gear and hidden ssid. even the “circular shape” stuff… lol

Well, I could not test it today. Neither of my access points allowed me to use channels 12 or 13.