Wi-Fi and HIdden SSID ------- CAM's

I was wondering,

Does any of the Wyze Cams support connecting to Wireless, when the SSID is hidden?

I want to secure my wireless network further, and not expose the wireless network name,
Turn off Wireless Broadcast of the SSID

Will any of the cams still connect?

I used to do it with Wyze, but I’ve since learned a hidden SSID isn’t effective. The more technically advanced bad guys can still find your network whether the SSID is hidden or not, and those are the ones you need to worry about. So mine is unhidden now, which alleviates some issues I ran into with the installation of various products.

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Thank you for reading my post.

I totally understand what you are saying.
The way I look at it, is every bit of security helps.
I don’t want to be the training grounds for new up an coming hackers, using port scans or wireless scans against my network, as that can also cause performance issues and such.

The other thing I am thinking of doing to further secure the cams from my internal network for which I have them connected to now, is to move them over to the Wireless Guest Network, and create another layer of security, so that if they get past the hidden SSID, they dont gain access to the rest of my network so easily.

I’ll have to give the hidden SSID a try, and see if I run into any issues.

Thx !

Just wanted to follow up to my initial post.

I just moved/migrated all my v2 & v3 WyzeCams to the Guest Network,
while hiding the SSID.

So far everything is working well.