Wyzecam v2 Error Code 05

Wyzecam V2

  • No alerts
  • and can’t view recorded events

l also recently noticed, Alerts is not working, but the cam is detecting 1 of my 2 cats.
Oddly, it only detects 1 of the 2 cats, even though they are in the same room at the same time.

Totally ignored/ did not detect the 2nd cat.

Any events that it records, I receive this error below and cannot view them

Alerts stopped working.

Not able to view video alerts Error (Code 05)
Failed to fetch the video from the cloud. Please try again later.
If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze support in settings.

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Wyze is aware of this. Please go here post a log number so they can have additional information to review.

Same issue here 2 V2 cameras out of 5.
Log ID: 61469
Did get the Cam Plus service back in November 2021, and only issues since. AI Person detection is not reliable. Was working great with basic 12 sec. service.

Just subscribed to CAM Plus this morning for my 2 Outdoor cams and all i get for every motion event is
“Error (Code 05) Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze Support in Settings.”
Can’t view any recorded event for either outdoor cam. Might as well cancel the Cam Plus(?) subscription if this is the results.
I submitted ticket# 1891082 log id 504277

1 of my 6 V2 Cams started displaying: “Error (Code 05) Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze Support in Settings.”
I tried taking it OFFLINE for a while then back ONLINE, but any events would always show that error. I could LIVE monitor just fine.
So I UNPLUGGED from power for 10 - 15 seconds, then plugged it back in. After that, all events played fine.
Sorry, I didn’t see this thread asking for log files until after I had resolved the issue. If any of my other V2s do this I will make sure to grab the logs. Just thought y’all should know that removing power for 10 seconds was enough to resolve the issue.

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Log created :701232

Is there any planned fix for this? The device is just an expensive wireless doorbell at this point -_-

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Same error code 05. Started yesterday on a two week old Outdoor Cam V2 when attempting to view events. Purchased Cam Plus about a week ago. Have 5 cameras two of which are OC V2. The other OC V2 is OK; no errors. Submitted log.
Log ID: 882162

Thanks. Doug

Same issue here. Both outdoor cameras getting the 05 error code have submitted logs today

Same issue here. Outdoor Cam V2. Worked great until i connected it to CamPlus. I have one that works fine and one that I get this issue for events. I can view live just fine but get this Error Code 05 for Event playback. Tried to submit log but “Submit” button does nothing. Anyone have suggestion?

Unplug it for about 30 seconds. Mine worked immediately.

I have 2 V3’s one of which routinely gives the error code 5 warnings. After reviewing earlier posts of this thread, I find it interesting there are multiple users like me who have a single “problem child” among a collection of multiple cams.

I’m reaching a bit here (I’m a retired EE), but I suspect the camera’s power conditioning circuitry. Ie, there may be none. The cam giving me headaches is in my garage looking through the door’s window. So it’s out of the weather, but it’s a detached garage and thus on the end of a long power cable. The camera’s stock power supply is a tiny, no doubt “value engineered” USB wall wart, so I’m wondering how immune the combination is to power line noise. Noise issues are tough to diagnose and firmware updates are virtually useless if that is what is going on…

I just swapped out the stock wall wart with a more robust Apple unit I have and will see if the dreaded Error 5 keeps coming. I’ll give it a week or two and report back.

It strikes me as suspicious the issue affects only some cams, not all. If firmware versions are consistent across all cams at a location, their stability should be identical. Wi-fi reception is a variable but I, as others, have no problem running the camera in live mode, though I’ve seen that run for at least an hour and then crash too.

I have another garage camera setup using the Eufy product. It is rock solid and 2K resolution to boot; just sayin’…

No luck on the power supply swap; still getting the Error 5 with a heftier wall wart. Done with Wyze.

As a different t-shooting step, can I suggest physically swapping locations with one of the “rock solid” ones? See if the error 5 stays with the camera or if the error 5 stays with the original location.
Proximity to the router has been the main bulk of connection errors. Sometimes it may not be the actual length, but rather if there are wires, flashing, static, etc. that is in between the router and the camera. Relocating the camera would give you proof if it’s the camera or the location.
Connection priority can also be a fail point, but you probably have very little control over that as it’s a function of the router. Sometimes dropping the device from Wyze, then rebuild it (maybe with a different name) might reprioritize the camera connectivity.
I have 13 cameras spread across 2 locations 100 miles apart from each other, I have 8 V3’s and 5 V2’s as well as a doorbell cam and chime. I spent many days and nights shifting, moving, experimenting until I finally have had everything working satifactorly for roughly a year now. I also upgraded my router and have a extension for the cameras that are further than 50 feet from the actual router. I had to keep in mind what these cameras cost, which is very low, compared to other brands that have their own set of problems but a much higher price and contract price. Yes, there is an occasional connection issue, but they are rare and few between. You say your an EE, then you know nothing is ever perfect, especially the first setup. Have patience if possible… and good luck.

Hats off to your patience and persistence!

As you said, nothing is ever perfect, especially wireless; I’ll take an ethernet cable (or better yet, fiber) any day. I’ve since replaced my two Wyze cams with Eufy. Slightly more expensive, but higher resolution, no connection instability, NO SUBSCRIPTION. Of course, a certain offshore government might be keeping track of my visitors now…