V3 cam states it is offline,

menu states v3 cam is offline, but it working. i have attempted to restart several times, unplugged several times, but when i try to update it stops and says it is not connected.


I have a PAN1 that is doing that right now.
I was about to replace it with a V3, but I may hold off now!
I can do live view, I can do playback from the SDcard, but it still shows:
“The device is offline”.
If I unplug and plug it back in, it still shows “The device is offline”.
I have several other Wyze cameras (Doorbell, two V3, another PAN1, and several V2, that are OK).
This type message usually occurs after an AWS, power, or internet outage, and will clear usually after a day or two on its own, but this has been over a week now (since the big AWS problem).

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We’ve seen several of these reports. Can you submit a log after viewing the cam, and post the log number here?

(affected camera’s settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Connectivity Issues > Explain issue > Submit)

You won’t get a reply, but Wyze has said they want to see logs on all such occurrences so they can find a solution.

Anyone else who submits a log for this purpose please also publish the log number here.

The symptom is typically “shows offline, but isn’t”, and can’t accept updates. Affects at least the older V2 fixed-view cam as well.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


i sent a log to wyze. probably best to just delete the camera and reinstall. thanks for your reply.

Tens of thousands of logs get sent to Wyze. Need the log number they sent you in the confirmation email to get that log in front of the engineer that is looking into this specific issue. Thanks.


Log # 412969


Log# 415270


Generally, I’ve found that unplugging the camera, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in. then closing the app completely on my phone and reopening it fixes this error, but it would be nice if it stopped happening.

Log ID: 417124

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@WyzeBaohua - some logs for you. :slight_smile:


Down to just the ONE camera with an issue now. The one that wasn’t reading QR code yesterday, decided to play nice today. I wiped my cell phone screen with windex this time, maybe my screen was not showing the QR code clearly. I also turned the code upside down. Other than that, it worked now. So just the one “offline” but streaming OK camera. :slight_smile: Tried a factory reset and everything on that hardware - no dice. SO my 4xv2 and 8of9xv3 are a-okay now. Just one v3 left to remedy.

Tried that, didn’t work

I was able to fix my issue by simply power cycling the camera (I did NOT delete and re-add the camera).

Luckily the camera was a local one and not located hours away because then I would not have been able to do a power cycle and would not be very happy with this bug.

Hopefully this issue will not come back.

I have two V3’s that are doing this. Log IDs 421545 and 421549.

I’m happy for you! Unfortunately, that did not work for my camera. I attempted that a few times throughout the week, and actually have to do that on other cameras from time to time. Very common

I have outstanding fiber internet, and know that is not the issue.

I found this extra step (of logging out of your account in addition to power cycling the camera):

“Power cycle each item, by unplugging them also sign out of your app then back in”

Maybe this extra step might work better for you.

I will give it a shot!

Thank You MrEngineer!!

Was able to correct all the problem ones, except one, by the delete and re-add method.

For the last one, I tried the power cycling, deleting and re-adding, signing in and out of app. No success for the last one. Original problem remains.

Bought all of mine on Amazon.ca - I am hearing there is no warranty or tech support for such purchases? That sucks. :frowning: