"This device is (NOT) offline"

I have 13 or 14 active cams all on plus subscription.

Three of them say offline in the list but when I tap on them, they’re clearly working. This has been happening for a while. All firmware and app are up to date.

I don’t know how to embed an image here. Link below shows it.


Upload your log number at the below link. They should be coming up with a fix soon.


Definitely do what @Newshound indicated, the logs need to be sent. In addition, have you tried removing the power from the device waiting for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in?

I have found that this will bring the camera back online in the app. To Refresh the screen, simply Pull Down on the Home Page.

In addition, you could try the following:

  • Start the App and go to the Account Menu Option, Tap on the App Settings and Clear Cache from there.
  • Shut the App Down
  • Seeing you are an Android user: Long Press on the app, choose App Info, do a Force Stop, then go to Storage and Cache, clear Cache here as well. I always restart the phone at this point.
  • When the phone comes up, see if you can connect to all of your cameras. This will restore all of the thumbnails and should show all camera’s as online.
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This is a very old problem - been around since VERY early in Wyze. Very little that I have found that will reliably get a camera in this state to start showing online other than waiting. Maybe a few hours, maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks. I have 34 cameras and at any given time, most of the time, there is at least one that shows offline, but is actually working just fine.

A lot of people reported this issue after the recent Amazon Web Services outages.

Only one of my cameras had the problem, which included the inability to be used with Alexa “show” commands. This was the case right up until yesterday when I powered it off and then back on. Working fine again today with Echo Show.

So what I’m saying in the end is



Word on the street several years ago Microsoft was going to be supplying the operating system for vehicles.

So, when the engine stalls, you have to get out, roll all the wibdows down, roll them back up, and the car will start.


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Log # submitted: 431968

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