Wyze Cam showing offline but the Live Stream works


I had 6 of my 13 cameras do this since the early December 2021 firmware update. Was able to fix 4 of the 6 by deleting from the app, then re-adding as new devices.

Fifth one just won’t even see the QR code, so I am leaving that one unplugged for now. Sixth one, I did the delete and re-add, but it still shows offline in the app, but live streaming still works.

I tried the steps on https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037827291-Wyze-Cam-showing-offline-but-the-Live-Stream-works , but the situation remains the same in the Wyze app.

It’s mounted way up high with the wiring going into the side of my house. It is minus-40 celisus here today so I cannot climb into top of my garage to de-wire the camera to bring inside for troubleshooting.

Guess I’m trying to make sense why 4 were so easy to fix with the delete and re-add method; one completely toasted and won’t see QR code, and this one that will live stream but shows offline in the app. Something I may be overthinking here?

Happy New Years, everybody!

That old support article about V2s may not be relevant here, but it was good to try nonetheless.

There is a current problem that may be related to the servers, so deleting and re-adding might have cleared it. Or it might not have. With servers, anything is possible.

Wyze has asked for logs on cameras exhibiting this issue. Please post a log number in this other thread:

@Newshound: My submitted log is ID 419952. Thank you.

Also if it warms up over the weekend to say, minus-20 or so, I may go back out, plug in that “fifth” camera and try to setup again and see if it will physically see the QR code this time. I can’t remove it to bring in as I screwed the v3 base into my garden wooden “arbor” entry to the backyard, and the screw is so cold that I stripped it trying to unscrew it from the wood. :stuck_out_tongue: The “sixth” camera (connected, but offline in the app) is the one I really need to resolve. :slight_smile: Thx for help so far. :slight smile: