Wyze cams v3 CONSTANTLY "offline" even though they are ONLINE!

I’m losing all my patience with my Wyze cameras. At this point I regard them as being “not fit for purpose”.

Every single day, dozens of times per day, the app will tell me “This device is offline” even though it is not. As soon as I click the device’s thumbnail, it connects immediately and starts streaming in full-screen view.

Occasionally, I even see the error “This device is offline” while the thumbnail/preview continues to stream live in the background(!)

Sometimes the previews will “freeze” and stop streaming and the only way I notice that happens is if I catch the timestamp in the bottom-right corner becoming stuck and stop counting up.

I’ve tried power-cycling the cameras, made sure my WiFi signals are strong, etc. etc. - the bottom line is Wyze’s product is not reliable. I’m just incredibly angry and disappointed I spent my money on their products.


Do you have an SD card loaded in your camera as well? I find that when my cameras go “offline” this means that they are not hitting the Wyze cloud for video storage. However, I can still view the camera stream due to the local SD card.

I had this same problem. The solution for me was to simply log out of the app on my phone, and then log back in. That fixed the problem for me. It might fix it for you too. Merry Christmas.

Starting to lose patience here too. I think Wyze is getting to big… I have both an Android and I’phone to connect my Wyze cans, but it’s never consistent. 1 (one) V3 with CamPlus would occasionally stay offline, BUT is on line using BlueStacks? I just ordered a refurb V3 due to the night vision quality (for spare), but I’m starting to lose confidence on these cams.

My cameras were behaving exactly this way during the first AWS outage. When the outage resolved itself later that same day, all my cams went back to normal