Wyzecam Person Detection Micro SD Card and Monthly Subscription?

Okay so legacy person detection only available to those who created wyzecam accounts before a certain time. Well that would mean if that one camera which i have now… not mine but someone else’s… they signed up for wyzecam a while back before the legacy person detection and used it for a short time, but then didn’t use it anymore for a while, thus when the legacy person detection was available for a short time, but they didn’t even had wyzecam plugged in or check it, then they most likely don’t have the legacy person detection on their wyzecam app on their iphone right?

Okay any new account that want person detection will need to subscribe to cam plus. So you are essentially saying… had other people in the family subscribed to this earlier… could they have done this if they had no wyzecam of their own so to speak… but i was using my wyzecam and i share what i see with them? Like imagine they create wyzecam account and wanted to see what i see. Whether they create a new account or i share my camera with them… they still need to create a wyzecam username of their own right?

Well let say i want to use of the wyzecams and leave it at a location. But say im not there for example and want to help someone setup wyzecam on their iphone so they could check for updates/notifications. If they create each of their own wyzecam accounts and view everything, they need to pay for camplus each. But if i give them my wyzecam credentials, they can also use the same account. But could i share it with them while im in another location? And they also get those legacy person notification just like me or not… with me sharing it with them… as oppose to giving them my login credentials. Because you could only be logged into a wyzecam account at one time right? Imagine i am in wyzecam account and check cameras. Then suddenly they log into wyzecam with my account/password… then they log in and i get automatically signed off?

The thing is i want them to see the same thing im looking at with the legacy person detection… but i dont want them to do anything with the settings. So is it possible this way with the way i have it set up?

I notice an issue that has happened quite a lot. When i get notification, it shows in my iphone. I click on it… it keep getting many times Error (code 07) Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through wyze support in settings. Any reason why im getting this? I gotten this a lot. Also i think my internet is not that good right now… so could that be a reason?

Yea i remember that cooldown period. Like with my old wyzecam, any notification i get, even i get more notifications, next one won’t come until another 5 minutes etc. But why is it when i click on those notifications that are like banners on my iphone, instead of playing that clip, it goes straight to my camera feed? Wait so for any single camera… whether you have a sound or motion notification… you can only get one every 5 minutes right? The same would apply if you have camplus? Or does camplus give you a notification and even every single time there is a motion/sound? Thus imagine you walk by the camera every minute and do it every minute or two minutes for a while. It would show every single motion detection?

Okay i changed it to having no filters applied. Previously you see green colored on person and motion.

It’s based on your account creation date, not cameras installed.

Do they remember signing up for it when it was offered? I think they would of remembered, but they can check under devices in app and if they have the “pilot”, then the legacy PD is available to their v2s and pans.

I am saying yes.

Once again, it’s based off your account creation, not cameras.

Here is from an email in Sept 2020 that announced the legacy person detection offering.

To use a shared camera, they will need a wyze account. Using a shared camera has limited access to some of the features of the camera and they won’t have full access to local storage from the camera for example. You could share your login credentials but that would give them full access to anything in your account and they would be able to edit, delete, format anything.

I don’t know how legacy PD from one user effects a shared camera of someone else’s.

Sounds like a connection issue with the cloud from the camera somewhere. Either your wifi link from the camera to your network, or your network to the outside world. What type of wifi network do you have and how may connections to it are there? What’s between the camera and the wifi source? Any Wi-Fi congestion in the area?

I have no idea what the banner is on your iphone as I am an Android user. I bet it goes back to the connection issue as you are getting dumped to the live view because whatever the camera is uploading isn’t actually a working cloud clip, but you get notification of something. If I click a camplus notification from my doorbell and the event is not over, I get dumped to the live view the same way.

See this from me stated above:

The cool down applies to the camera that posted the event. Camplus records the duration of the motion event, and can record again as soon as one event ends.

Yes, if your notifications are enabled, you will get a notification for each cloud event of each seperate event of you walking in front of the camera. I got about a billion events the other day when I was in view of three cameras with camplus when I was out grilling for a while.

They mentioned they didn’t even use wyzecam for a long time. That might even be a year or so. So very unlikely they signed for it. When they log into their wyzecam account, they would know then right?

So people back then could create wyzecam accounts even if they didn’t have wyzecam… but wanted to see everything on the wyzecam from the main account from someone else? Thus imagine someone in the home wanted to access the same thing i saw… they could do that right? And if they logged into wyzecam back then, they also have option to sign up for that person detection legacy as well even if the are merely watching from someone’s main account?

Okay i think this might be an internet issue then with that error 07.

My wifi hasn’t been good lately. So i think that is the reason for this.

When you say you got a billion events the other day when you were walking around for a while, you did have camplus though right? So that means back then when everyone got that notification thing with legacy detection before the change… it wasn’t possible to get events without a cooling period right? But since that ended… people who signed up for it… could get it. But if people want it even better, as zero cooling off period, they get the camplus?

My wife has a Wyze account and was never the main user for any devices. I only ever shared stuff with her. That because a pain when she had to re-order stuff like bulbs into groups when we just both used my login info. Since I had everything organized and no chance to forget to share her stuff (sorry wifey!).

If the accounts but was created before a certain date, they would of gotten the info about the legacy PD. If they dont remember signing up, they probably don’t have it. It was a process, and I don’t think anyone would accidentally make it through the sign up process and not remember.

Yes. When I was moving within the detection zone, events would save, if I held still or moved out of the zone, the event would stop, then when I moved back I’d get another event. Camplus is a event for the duration of motion, when motion stops, the event is saved.

The free cloud service has always been 12 sec clips with a cooldown of 5 minutes between events. The legacy person detection service adds person detection onto the free cloud clips. The next tier is camplus, which is events to the cloud for the duration of the motion with the bonus of AI tagging (person, vehicle, package etc detection and no cool down.

Okay so it seems like im the only one that updated to the legacy detection. The other person they created wyzecam account to use for wyzecam but did not do upgrade to legacy detection because they didn’t use the wyzecam for a long time.

Okay so right now, if i want other people to have access to what i see… what do you suggest me do? They each have iphones. Do i have them create their own wyzecam accounts with their own username/password and i share with them?

Or they create their own wyzecam accounts and just do things as they would by themselves. Because unless they subscribe for that monthly subscription, they can’t see what i see. So how would it work if i share my camera with them? Could they see every notification for person, motion, sound etc? Or only if they log into my wyzecam account?

Or what if i give my wyzecam account/password to them. So anytime one person logs in, they can see everything… but the moment i sign into wyzecam while they are signed in, it automatically signs them out or something? You mention if i share my camera with them, there are lot of settings they can’t do or change… which i kind of like since they might mess it up etc.

So I basically want them to see everything i could see like all those notifications. So can this be done without them ordering the monthly camplus subscription or not? You mention me sharing my camera with them so curious how that works. I mean i got to assume they could literally see every single notitificaiton and view playback etc right? Im guessing the only restriction is they cant make changes like okay turn off sound notification or things like that? But regardless, they still need to each create their own wyzecam accounts to sign up right?

There are atleast two people, you and I.

Are you talking about your cameras? Or are you talking about them seeing the legacy person detection service?

That is up to you. Just understand the limitations of sharing cameras, and then the responsibilities of sharing your login and username.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t know how sharing cameras and having one side of the share using a service on the camera works. Just gonna have to try it yourself, see what happens and deside I’d you want to keep going like that or not.

Nope, both stay logged in. I use my tablet and phone on the same account at the same time.

There are limitations that the shared user of the camera will experience. Check out the support pages on sharing here:


If you worried about a shared user messing up settings, I would pass on handing out your main username and password then.

Again I will say checkout the sharing info link above. Shared users do not see local storage playback. Yes, to share with someone they must, or will have to make a Wyze account to see the shared camera.

When I meant im the only one that updated the legacy detection, i meant like the other person who has the wyzecam, they didn’t do the update since they didn’t use wyzecam for a while.

I am talking about other people being able to view my cameras that i have currently set up on my iphone. And yes i mean could they view the legacy person detection service as well? They both have iphones… so they both need to obviously install the app and create their own wyzecam account right? But then i share those cameras with them?

Well if they each download wyzecam app and just log in with my username/password… then they can obviously see what im looking at. But would that mean if they log in with my details, i can’t view it at the same time? Like it automatically signs off the other person? I have to assume this is the case right? If so, i wouldn’t want this. I want them to each be able to view the wyzecam at the same time like if i were viewing it. So is that possible if i give them each my username/password for login? I assume no right? But if i share my camera with them… yes or no? But they still need to create their own username/password right?

Okay I will try to see what happens. But i got to assume lot of wyzecam users must have tried this as sharing their cam with someone else. Like imagine you have wyzecams in a home and you want a few people to also look at it on their iphones. What would be the best way.

Okay so you say both stay logged in when you use your tablet and phone same time. So that would mean if you give your wyzecam details to two other ppl, then its the same thing right? So essentially any of three people could view it etc? But the thing is could they mess up the settings though? But you dont know that right since you are technically not sharing your device? Also when you say you are logged in account at same time on tablet/phone. Wouldn’t that be same if i get my wyzecam login/password to someone and they log in their iphone? That is the same thing right?

Device settings are shared between users. Device settings follow the device. My wife has her Wyze app notifications disabled in her iOS settings so she doesn’t get the same notifications I do, but she would if she enabled it.

For everything else, just gonna have to wing it! I think you will find out many of your answers if you sat down with a second device and try using the same user name and password for each, or different logins for each device. Practice sharing or streaming from each device at the same time. Have a camera nearby to test the legacy person detection. Trial and error! Figure out the answers to all your questions on your own devices before getting others involved. You’ve done some good due diligence in here, now practice it with your app and I think after a bit it will be figured out.

Okay so just tried something. So i previously had the other person’s wyzecam to test on my phone and thus i had the legacy person detection on it along with the other wyzecam i have under my wyzecam account credentials. So i asked that person who i borrowed the wyzecam from to use the camera i borrowed from them on their phone again. They previously used the wyzecam only for a bit with their iphone.

So that person a while back removed the wyzecam app from their iphone and so had to download it from app store. They then entered their old wyze cam login as they had created an account there before since they used it for a short time. This was when everything was free with person detection. When they did that… the camera was no longer there on their phone. The only reason for that was because i was using their wyzecam under my account right? I had scanned the qr code and set it up with my iphone. So by doing that, it removed the wyzecam from their iphone when they finally logged in wyzecam app?

So they then added the wyzecam and scan qr code. Then once they did that… i notice on my iphone… that camera is no longer there. That is how it works right? The thing is they were able to get that two week camplus trial when they logged back into their old wyzecam account. They then shared their camera with me. I noticed i could turn on or off the camera and view notifications… but seems like i cannot view the playback? So that is the only thing i can’t do if they are sharing the device with me? Note i have micro sd card in all these wyzecams. They could obviously view the playback… but I can’t?

Now the thing is this. After the two week trial camplus ends… and they don’t subscribe to camplus, what happens? They would still get motion and sound notification right? But no person detection? Or they also don’t get motion? I thought motion and person was similar? So what would be considered motion then?

So what if right now i set my their wyzecam with my account again. And when i do this and scan qr code, then the camera would be gone on their iphone right? Then when i share my wyzecam with them… then we could see how it looks for the other person without legacy person detection right? Because wouldn’t it make sense for me to be the main account for all wyzecam cameras then? If it means i get all the person/motion/sound detections? But they also see that as well if i share it with them? Like will they get person detection as well? The only thing they won’t have is view playback?

Yes. The camera can only be installed on one main account. Sharing a cam has no limits.

Yes. See above.

Yes. See my previous comment:

Or this from the link I provided just above:

Or this from another page about sharing from the Wyze Support site:

That camera would return to the regular free 12 second clips of motion or sound with a 5 min cool down between.



They get motion clips. The camera doesn’t care about person or not when it is saving a clip. When there is motion (pixel changes) detected, the camera sends a clip to the cloud where the cloud servers and the AI analyze the clip and if the ai algorithm detects a person, it tags it labels the clip and sends it back to you with the “person” label or tag in it.

Any pixel change in frame.

Yes. See higher up in this post. Or here:

See higher up in this thread, Or here:

Depends on who wants access to the playback option more. Going to have to weigh the options and deside who gets the account that the camera will be installed on if your going with sharing.

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Okay so few comments on this.

I have one camera in a location where im the main account holder. Thus i could view it and also view the playback since its installed on my iphone. It has the micro sd card. Now i signed up for wyzecam accounts for few other people on their iphone … so they could view the stream on their iphones for their wyzecam camera. This isn’t mine but theirs. But im the account holder.

Thus they could view almost everything i can except view the playback. They also get notifications as well… but the only difference between me and them is i get motion, sound and person detection but they only get motion and sound right?

Now another question I have is this. I have another camera in my location. I don’t share that with anyone else. And there is another wyzecam… which is someone else’s and they shared their camera with me etc.

So when i open wyzecam app on my iphone, there are three different wyzecams. Thus two of them are in different location and one is my location. The one i have for myself is only myself and not shared. Another one is in a location where im the main account holder… and i share the camera with few other people who use iphone. The last wyzecam… is registered with someone else and their iphone but they share their camera with me.

Now… is there a way to turn push notifications on… only for my wyzecam and not the other two wyzecams? Because those cameras are always on… but the one i have… i don’t always turn it on. Because i recently clicked on push notifications off… which means i dont get any popups on my iphone when there is any motion for any of my cameras. Reason i did this was because i would get tons of notifications on the other two wyzecams which i do not want. Is there a way to do this… where it would not affect the other users of the other wyzecams?

Again… I want any event to be able to be viewed in the events… but I don’t want notifications temporary. Is there a way to do this?

The best we know is that this is “researching”.

Well you are telling me i cannot have push notifications turned off for two of the wyzecams on my iphone… but have it on just for one of my wyzecams?

I have three wyzecam devices on my iphone… but only two of them is me being the main user. Thus imagine

Wyzecam Number One - This is my wyzecam for my use. I don’t share it with anybody. I’m main user.

Wyzecam Number Two - This is another wyzecam i added to my iphone and im main user. I did share it with a few other users.

Wyzecam Number Three - This is someone else’s wyzecam that they added to their iphone. They then shared their device with me.

All the wyzecams are wyzecam version two.

I like to have push notifications on my for iphone… BUT only for my personal wyzecam. The other two wyzecam… i like to temporary not have push notification showing. Is this possible or not?

The thing is I do still want any motion or sound or person detection shown in events for those other two wyzecam cameras… but not with push notifications. Is that possible or not? Thing is it seem like i can either have push notification on or off… but if i do all… it would do all three cameras… if i do none… well it would do no push notification for any camera.

Hi @paulyronnie not sure if i understand. Pleae see if this address your concern.
Looking under Account → Notifications → Push Notifications
There is a listing of each camera with a sub-munu to select type of notifications. These menu are further expaned when the cam is subscribed to “Wyze AI Events”.

You can have whatever settings your want for the cameras that are in mainly your account, or shared. But for the shared cameras, you share the same notifications as the main user of the camera. The settings follow the camera. That means if you have :

Your account, User A:
Camera A: your camera#1, notifs on
Camera B: shared camera#2 from User B, notifs off
Camera C: shared camera#3 from User C, notifs off.

If this is what you want, then this is also true:

User B: camera #2, their main camera, notifs off.
User C: camera #3, their main camera, notifs off.

I don’t have any shared cameras anymore but this is what I believed to be the correct behavior. Since you have this all set up now, get with some of the other users and test these behaviors. If you don’t want notifications from user b’s camera 2, and user b doesn’t want notifications from camera 2 either, then your good. If user c wants notifications from camera 3, and you don’t, then you and user c need to have a discussion. .

I highly recommend working with one of your fellow users that have cameras shared with you and spend time testing all your questions. I think that will give you a huge amount of clairity as to the results. Do update this thread with your experience though please. :slight_smile:

Your account, User A:
Camera A: your camera#1, notifs on
Camera B: shared camera#2 from User B, notifs off
Camera C: shared camera#3 from User C, notifs off.

With Camera A… my camera linked to my account… i want notifications on when i have this camera on. I don’t share this camera with anyone else and my camera. Previously i only had one wyzecam and i only used it for myself and never shared and still don’t share.

Camera B - Its also my camera linked to my wyzecam account. But I share this camera with a few other people in the house and this is their camera. But i want to be the main account user in this which is why i did it with my account. So they want notifications on which is on. But they know how to turn notifications off with that push notification on/off thing. But my issue here is I don’t want to get so many of these push notifications from it.

Camera C - This is the only camera that isn’t registered to my account. It is someone else’s and they register it with their iphone. They then shared their iphone with me etc.

So for me… I want the option to … when i have my wyzecam on… to turn on push notifications on to alert me in the iphone. But I also want the option to sometimes turn off push notifications with the other two cameras without affecting the other two cameras. Does that make sense? Reason being those other two cameras… when you check the events tab… there are tons of events recorded because those cameras are always on and if i had my push notifications on… i would get an alert every few minutes.

For example i know if i turn push notifications off… it would not show any push notifications for all three cameras under my account. But if i turn it on… it would show push notifications for all three cameras. I don’t like this since there would be way too many notifications in my iphone.

Also i know me turning off push notifications has zero effect on the other users because they still got push notifications on their iphone because they always had it on.

Again… my issue here is those push notifications. I do want every single motion, sound and person detection recorded but i dont want a push notification every single time all day. So my issue is say i turn on my personal wyzecam… if i want push notifications on… then i will get so many of them from the other two cameras. Does that make sense? I mean… there has to be a setting where if someone has three cameras on their iphone… say two is their account and they shared one of them… and another is someone else account and they shared with me… i could anytime turn push notifications on/off for any of these three wyzecams?

Like imagine all wyzecams are turned on. But for now… i want only push notifications on iphone for wyzecam a and b etc.

Sooo this then:
Camera A, installed on User A’s account, not shared.

You can have whatever settings on this camera then and it won’t effect anyone else. No need to further comment in this as it is not a shared camera, it’s your account that it’s installed on and no one else has access to it. Further commenting on this specific camera I think with add confusion to the situation with the shared cameras.

Only way it can be done is if you turn off your account notifications, can’t be done through the individual camera settings. If you turn off notifications for these specific camera, the ones that are shared to you or from you, it’ll also turn off notifications for the others. There is a wishlist item for a feature that’ll add custom shared permissions that’ll allow a shared user to have a different set of settigs apart from the main user if needed.

If you turn off your ACCOUNT push notifications, YOU won’t get any notifications. If you turn off the individual CAMERA notifications in their settings, that will be shared amongst the users of the camera.

Them set them that way. Just know that whoever you share camera b with will also have their notifications turned on as long as you have the individual camera notifications enabled.