New IPhone With Wyzecam Questions

We have 3 wyzecam 2’s. One of them in one location where I’m located and two of them is in another location where three other people are. At the moment, I’m in the location where the other people are right now.

I live in one location and my iphone is connected to that one wyzecam. Nobody has access to that wyzecam but me on the app.

In the other location, 3 other people live there. They have 2 wyzecams. One of the wyzecams is mine so I left it there for them to use. But i’m the main account holder of that wyzecam. I then installed wyzecam on 2 of the people’s phone so they can view it, thus share with them. But they can’t do things like view playback because they are not the main user. They are not good with technology so that is why I"m the main user with it.

The other wyzecam is someone else’s in the house on another floor. They have wyzecam on their iphone and have full access to it. They did add me as another user so I could view it. So basically for me… I can view the wyzecam for all 3 cameras but have full control to only 2 of them. The other 3 people, they only have access to just one wyzecam each. Does that make sense? That other person does not have access to the other wyzecams except their own. The two other people have access to the wyzecam I shared with them in their house.

I got a new iphone. If I want to have all three wyzecams in the app like in my old iphone, how do I do this? Would I need to reset the wyzecam that is in the house that I shared with 2 people? Thus do it all over? For the wyzecam that is in my location, I have to obviously reset it right? I’m not there at the moment. But for the third wyzecam, just have that person add me?

The thing that has me confused is what if I just log out of my wyzecam account on my old iphone and log into the same login wyzecam account with my new iphone? Would doing that mean I don’t need to reset anything and can just basically transfer everything like that? Or does it limit me somehow without resetting it? Because I do know with my old wyzecam account, I remember having that person detection thing which people couldn’t get later on. But I still have it now? Would I still have it if I do it this way? Or I need to completely reset two of the wyzecams?

Use your account that set already very simple

That is all you have to do, put the Wyze app on your new phone and log in with your account and everything you had will still be there

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No reason to log out I have 3 devices log in all the time

That is why I did not tell him he had to log out, although if switching devices it is always smart to log out so no one else gets into it.


Okay so download wyzecam app on the new iphone. Log out of my wyzecam account on old iphone. Enter exact username/password into new iphone. Then everything will appear exactly the same regardless?
If I want to go back to the old iphone, just do the same thing?

Now here is something else and like your opinion on this. When I’m in my location where I have the wyzecam, sometimes I want to get alerts when I’m not in the apartment or say I’m sleeping but only in my apartment. So for example when I go outside for a bit, I want alerts so I turn notifications on. The issue with turning notifications on is these give me alerts even for that other cameras in the other house. And that also include the other camera in that house that is someone else’s but shared with me. I remember someone telling me if you have notifications on with the sound and vibrate etc, I have to get notification for all these cameras or none right?

So example imagine when I go to bed, I only want wyzecam to make a sound and vibrate only if it is with my wyzecam and not the other wyzecams. That is not possible right? I remember someone telling me this isn’t because I have all these cameras in my iphone. Now if that is true, is there a way to do this since I have two iphones now? So basically I want the option to have those sound and vibrate notifications on… but only for my wyzecam at the apartment but not the two other wyzecams in the other house. But sometimes I want this. The reason is because there is always a lot of notifications at night in the other house so I can’t turn it on when Im in my apartment and go to bed… because there would be so many notifications that I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

So could I log into my account on the new iphone and delete those two other cameras and only have this one camera? Then on the other iphone, I would need to create another wyzecam account but then set it up again for that one wyzecam camera in the house and have the other person add me to their wyzecam so I then have two wyzecam in that account?

Does anyone have advice on this? I am pretty sure you all could tell what I mean by this?

You can still use the other phone,there’s a bell on top of the page in the app when you click the it torn of notifications sound that’s it

Okay I think I am confusing some of you. At the moment, is there a way to have all wyze cams on… but only to have sound/vibrate notifications on my old iphone… only with that one wyzecam that is associate with my iphone? I recall the answer to this was no?

I remember people mentioned if you want the sound/notification each time there is notification, you either have to have all three wyzecams notifications on… or none at all. Does this make sense what I"m asking?

Go play with it you can turn on/off notications in the notications page,your best bet is just go play with it,that way you will know what you want.

No need to log out, just log in on the new phone. If you don’t want notifications on the old phone, then you can log out on that one. If it’s still logged in, you’ll get the notifications that are enabled in the account and it’s associated devices.

Each device has its own notification settings, which can be disabled or enabled in the individual camera settings. In addition to that, is the account level notification settings. This is more of a master setting where you can enable or disable all notifications coming into your account. If any device has its notifications enabled, and your account has its notifications enabled, you’ll get those device notifications. If a device has its notifications enabled, but you have your account notification s desabkes. You won’t get any notifications.

The bell is the account notification toggle. Normal bell, account notifications enabled. Bell with a zzz, notifications disabled. This follows your account, so if you are still logged into both phones with the same account, hitting the bell on one will effect the other as well.

If you delete a camera from one device logged in to an account, any other device that is logged into that account will also lose that camera

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I did play around with it a while back. With my old iphone, if I turn notifications on which means there is a a sound or vibrate… I will get an alert from all three of these wyzecams. I want to only get notification from only one of my wyzecams but that does not work.

Again I"m using my own wyzecam account and I believe I was told if you want notifications and have three wyzecams to your account… even if two wyzecams are mine but the other one is someone sharing their wyzecam with me, I have to get all notifications or none. Can anyone here confirm this? Again sometimes at night I only want notification with my wyzecam at my own apartment but not notifications from the other two wyzecams in the other location. So how do I do that?

If you want app notifications from anything, leave the bell alone and make sure there’s no ZZZ next to it.

If you want notifications from a shared camera, contact that cameras main user and decide as a group what the notification settings should be because you share them amongst each other.

If you want notifications from your cameras, you can make those settings changes in each devices notifications settings. If you want notifications to be either enabled or disabled from your devices automatically at different times throughout the day, you can set a scheduled rule to enable or disable whatever device you choose notification settings. Again this only works for devices where you are the man controller of them.

Okay so I’m in control of two of the cameras. One in one location and in another location where I’m not at.

Say at night I only want the sound/vibrate notifications on my iphone… with my wyzecam only. Not the wyzecam in the other location. How do you do that? Because when you say make sure there is no ZZZ next to it… it seems to apply to all cameras that is displaying. So when I have notifications on… well it will have notifications from every single camera. There isn’t a way to only have notifications from my camera… but not the other camera… here I’m talking about the two cameras that I am in control of.

You say the camera I don’t have control, I can’t do anything about it because I’m not the main user. So basically I should just disconnect that camera from my wyzecam then?

The issue here is when I have the ZZZ off… I get notifications from all the cameras. If I have the ZZZ on, I get no notifications from all three cameras. How do I configure it where I only get those sound/vibrate notifications only on my camera?

Again I asked this last time and I believe some people said this isn’t possible… which I thought doesn’t make any sense. Because say you have a wyzecam at your apartment. You have a wyzecam at another apartment and share it with two people. You are the main user. Now at your apartment, you only want those sound/vibration notifications on your phone… only for your wyzecam but not the wyzecam you put in the other apartment… how do you do that? The ZZZ or non ZZZ seem to apply to all or no wyzecams.

Go to the camera that you want quite and turn off notications for that camera simply/fast then turn it back on as needed,we don’t mess with it we have 3 properties with over 44 cams that are on 24/7

Can you explain me how exactly I can do this? Again I have three cameras. Two of them are where I am the main account user. One is where I am not.

I want to only receive notifications… by notifications I mean the sound/vibrate… only with my wyzecam in my apartment only. How exactly do i do this? The issue is to turn on notififcations, I need to make sure the zz is off and not there But when I do this, and have ON for all three cameras… I get sound/vibrate notifications from all three cameras.

I only want the vibrate/sound from my wyzecam camera only… and not the wyzecam notifications from the two other cameras. Does that make sense? I also do not want to turn off those two other cameras as well. Reason being one camera is where im not the owner and that person is sharing their camera with me. The other camera at that location, I want the other people there to receive notifications so I can’t turn that camera off. Again I want all three cameras turned on. However, I only want the sound/vibrations on my iphone… only for the wyzecam in my apartment. So how do i do this or its not possible? The thing is I cannot make the zz off for the other two cameras and on for my camera. Does that make sense in what im saying? Again the other people have their notifications on for themselves. But I only want sound/vibrate notifications only for my wyzecam.

I think we’ve been over this.

You control your cameras and their settings, but the shared cameras have shared settings (ex; notifications) the the main user of those cameras control.

Youll have to remove the cameras then because you and them share settings. If they want notifcations, you get notifications to. If you still want access to the shared cameras, but no notifications from then, youll have to make a new account and have those shared with that account instead, then ZZZ that account.