Wyzcam 2 Login Not Working?

We bought these wyzecam 2 a long time ago. Bought few of them. We have wyzecam in the house. im not there at the moment but my iphone is the main account that controls that wyzecam. Two other people in the house have that wyzecam installed on their iphone as i had created wyzecam accounts for them a while back and i added them as a user. They tell me they cannot log into their wyzecam account in the house.

Now few times they had told me for some reason they get logged out of their wyzecam account on their iphones. So each time i speak to them over the phone to help them log back in. They do have their wyzecam username and password written on paper but sometimes they forget where it is. But i do have their wyzecam signin and password with me. So several times i would confirm with them the login over the phone and then they log back into wyzecam. But anyone know why they sometimes get logged out?
Because that has never happened to me on my iphone.

This time however, they cannot sign back in as it keep saying login error. They entered the username and password many times and im pretty certain they have to be entering it correctly. Even had them press that eye logo after typing the password to confirm they didn’t make mistake typing the password and they said there isn’t. They only do this with one of the phones… didn’t check this with the other iphone with the other wyzecam account i created for the other phone. My question is… is it possible there is some issue on wyzecam end or they have to be entering the wrong email or password when logging in? i have three wyzecams connected to my wyzecam account on my iphone… two of them im the main account for it and thus am the main controller. One wyzecam is at my apartment and only i have access to it. The second wyzecam is at their home but im main account holder and they have two iphone with two separate wyzecam account but they can’t login. Those two only have access to the wyzecam in the house. The third wyzecam… its someone else but they share that with me but that has nothing to do with this.

Can someone tell me why they can’t log in? i have no issues viewing their camera from where im located and turning it on or off etc since im main account.

Possible their wyzecam account got locked and they need to unlock it? Do we check the email linked to their wyzecam account to check? The thing is i do have the email address and password login for their wyzecam account so can i just signout of my wyzecam account on my iphone and login to their wyzecam account with the email and password to see if it works? My concern however, is im located far from them so would there be an issue with wyzecam detecting me logging into their wyzecam account from far away and thus a different ip address? Thus would wyzecam detect even though i enter the ir username and password correct… then i let them know its correct… then they log in and make sure its correct, the ir account can get frozen if wyzecam detects two logins with in a short t ime to same wyzecam account but they are far away from each other physically?

Also on my phone, i don’t believe i updated the firmware in a long time. But my wyzecam at my apartment and the one in their house, here isn’t any issue at all. So this can’t be the reason right? The other thing is when i do a f irmware update on my iphone in my apartment, i am only updating the
irmware in my apartment right? So how would the wyzecam in their house get updated? Do they do that or do i do that? Remember im the main account holder but im far away from there. Could that be the reason why they can’t login?

I can’t lock into any of my cameras either. A friend of mine 2 hours away can’t log into his as well. Guess it’s yet another Wyze server issue. Where’s the security aspect to buying into their cameras and such when it’s always going down?!

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Current service outage…Stay tuned.

They told me they haven’t tried to login to their wyzecam account for at least a week already. They just told me this earlier. They said they were logged out over a week ago but they didn’t bother to try logging back in as they want me to help them over the phone etc.

So now when i did, they couldn’t log in. So this is a wyzecam server issue? if so, how come no issue with it on my end then?

Very possible a regional outage as AWS is decentralized

I know I am affected and not able to access.

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Can someone answer my question about the firmware update?

Also do people here sometimes have their wyzecam accounts logged out previously? Because they told me several times before this, both their wyzecam sometimes would sign out and then i have to help them sign back in. This doesn’t happen to my iphone.

Same issue still? They tried to enter their username and password to wyzecam and still getting the login error?

I would recommend that they try to reset their password and then see if they can log in. It is possible they were reusing a compromised password and someone got access to it and changed the password.

Regarding your firmware question, if I understand correctly, the owner/account of the device is able to update it. So if you set up the cameras on your account and shared them with others, you would be able to update them.

So there is no issue with logins anymore?

If you are referring to the AWS issue on May 3, That issue is resolved.

When you are connected to camera and choose to update its firmware, you are only doing it for that camera. Unless you get to the bulk firmware update page in app then youll update all the devices that need an update. Any popup you see should be fairly straight forward which individual device you are updating. If you read everything you see youll know when you get to the bulk update process.