Multiple Wyzecam And Multiple Users Questions

To those of you with multiple wyzecams that you put in your apartment/house etc… and let say you have a few family members who all have the wyzecam app on the iphone have access to each of those wyzecams. Let say you have two wyzecams. So any family member could literally turn off and turn on either of these two wyzecams right in their iphone? Thus if someone do this, another family member when checking the wyzecam can see okay its turned off… then they turn it back on?

And I know there is setting where you can have notifications on for sound/person moving etc… but could one person on their iphone put a setting where they only get a notification if a person moves in motion detection but another family member wants any notification even if its a sound?

I like to know how you people with multiple wyzecams in your homes and multiple family members do it. Let say you all use iphone to make it simple. Say you have two or even three wyzecams in your house. Say you got three family members etc. Do you all set each wyzecam with each device so all of you have access to all three different wyzecam. Obviously i know some people want a wyzecam in their bedroom but don’t want other family members to look there. So I guess some family members only have like access to two wyzecams or something?

Also if the internet is out, all wyzecams are turned off right? I remember when I used a wyzecam in my apartment, when internet was out or electricity was out wyzecam can’t be on?


I’m going to answer the last part first as it is a far easier answer. If the internet is failed, the Wyze cams are still fully operational - however they can’t send any data to the cloud. That means that alerts won’t work. If you have uSD cards installed, recording to the uSD cards will continue to operate normally - with one gotcha mentioned later.
As for a power failure (and assuming no local backup power), obviously the cameras do not operate without power. The Outdoor cam is the obvious exception since it is battery powered.
Now for the gotcha. If a camera looses power, after power is restored, even local recording will not resume until the camera is able to check in with the Wyze servers. Therefore, if the power goes out and restores, but the internet is still out, local operation will not continue.

Now for the first part. There are two ways to have multiple people watch your cameras. The first is to have each person log in to the Wyze app with your credentials. That give the other person exactly the same capabilities that you have in all respects. The second method is to “share” the camera with another person who has their own Wyze account. The person who is watching via a share has less capability than the camera account holder. They can however turn cameras on and off. There have been discussions here on the forum about limiting shares capabilities.

Would it be better to have each person log into the wyze app with my credentials? Im bit confused by this. Is this essentially telling someone else your username/password to log into the account or something? Like you share this with two people, then are logging into your wyzecam account? If so, im not a big fan of that at all. So its like heres my email/password etc… right?

I do seem to like the sharing aspect of it. So if you do that… what can the person who the camera shares to cannot do? You say they can turn on/off which im a bit surprised at but of course having that option seem very important but of course not that private. But what about notifications? Let say one person wants any type of notification even a sound notification but someone else only wants like motion detection when someone walks by etc. How would that work? If that person in that wyzecam wants all detection but the watcher wants sound detection… how would that work? Could the watcher only have notifications on for even sound… but the main user only for motion detection? What about vice versa?

So basically imagine you want a few wyzecams in the home but say one wyzecam is say for the bedroom and say one is for the door etc. Obviously let say for one person, they sometimes dont want the bedroom shared with others… but other times yes… then how would that be configured? So basically all three family members need to create their own wyzecam right? So if you have two wyzecams… is it better for one person to set up two of the wyzecams to their account while the other two users just watch it via shared? Let say only one out of the three people are decent tech wise but the other two people are not good tech wise but they just want to look at camera. What would you suggest the setup for this if say its with two wyzecams and three people?

My opinion is to share the cameras that you want to share with each person.