Wyzecam Not Working In Different Location and Wifi?

Hi. I use my wyzecam in another country as I was out of the US for a while. I came back to the US and trying to use my wyzecam and when i turn it on with my iphone… it doesn’t seem to work? Note, i have previously used the same wyzecam in this same location with the safe wifi before.

But i then went ouf of the country for a long time and used it with no issue with the wifi in the other apartment in the other country. But now im back in the US, it doesn’t seem to work? Do you i need to reset the device or something? It basically shows offline on my iphone and when i click on it normally, well it turns on.

I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. But pressing the button on the live stream screen on iphone doesn’t turn it on?

Sounds like the cam thinks it’s still on the wifi in the other country. You probably need to delete the cam from your app and reinstall it as a new cam.

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Hey there, okay that fixed the issue. Had to delete and add device.

When i did this at the end, it seem to give me a two week free trial of something, no credit card needed… i forgot what it said, but there was no option to refuse this? So do i need to do anything after two weeks? And if so, how? And what program was that? Anyone else had issue where you can’t refuse the trial?

I couldn’t so i clicked okay.

Yes it was a forced “CamPlus” trial, which is their new name for CMC / Complete Motion Capture, which is continuous recording of events with no time limit and no 5 minute “cooldown” blocking period between events, and which also has Person Detection.

If you don’t want to continue to get CamPlus for $1.99 per month after the trial, you could ALSO (assuming you were a customer before 11/2019) sign up for free / name your price Person Detection ONLY (with 12 second limits and 5 minute cooldown). You have only about 5 more days for that special offer.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but things have been busy. :wink:

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Well how do i cancel the camplus trial then? Could i cancel it now or i have to wait till trial expires? also im pretty sure i dont my credit card connected to it… so wouldn’t that mean it can’t sign me up for the regular trial then?

Okay so now I just went back to the other country. I tried to turn on my wyzecam and it doesn’t work so I need to delete the cam from app and reinstall it as a new cam

But when I did this, I couldn’t do it. I did it last time when I posted but now cannot? I was doing it and it kept saying ready to connect… over and over… then i just unplugged it from outlet and connected it back.

Now its a flashing orange light? What do i do now?

Im not sure I did it correctly. All I did was hold that button and then it said

Ready to connect.

Then it ask for me my wifi information.

I was confused here because it required me to manually type in my wifi network? Because when i clicked the dropdown menu, it showed the wifi connection in the other country for me and password that is saved. So am i suppose to actually manually type in the wifi name connection and password? Password of course… but I thought it would allow you to choose from a select wifi near your location? So it doesn’t do that?

I just manually typed my wifi name and password… then it ask me to scan QR code. I couldn’t get it to scan and thought I messed up with the wifi connection setup… so then I unplugged the device from the outlet. The reason is because during the entire time … it can’t saying… ready to connect over and over again.

So right now, i connected it back and its just flashing orange light over and over.

I do not think i even deleted my device from my old location before I started. Did i need to do this?

I assume i have to completely reset everything now and if so how? Is it delete device? Very confused here.

Its not you, its just bad timing.

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Hi so there is an issue with all wyzecams at the moment? So that is why it showed my other location and not this one? But when you enter a new location… do you need to manually type in the wifi network name? I always thought it would show you a network of wifi… and then you choose?

So was I doing it correctly though?

Also there is no issue if i connect it to outlet and it keeps flashing orange right? I just unplugged it minutes ago. But any reset would fix this issue right? Because when it kept saying Ready to connect over and over again, i just pulled it out from the outlet…and when i connect it back… it blinks orange nonstop.

Theres currently an issue effecting a few things, one of which is setting up new cams (which is essentially what you’re doing) keep an eye on the thread I linked and try again when it says resolved.

Youre doing it right. Hit setup button and then scan barcode from app on cam.
If your phone/tablet is connected to the same wifi that you want the camera connected to you wont have to type it, otherwise you do.

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Do I try it again now or wait until a bit later? I have iphone and not android and i read this was more of an android issue?

So I’m suppose to manually type in the wifi name??? That was why i was confused so i decided to unplug it from outlet because i was doing it wrong.

So go back to the link you posted earlier to fix this issue again?

I meant the link posted by moderator Tomp earlier in the thread…

Do i try it again now? Also do i need to delete my device first because i changed locations?

Right now i plugged it back in outlet and its flashing orange nonstop… what do i do now?

Do i go tot camera settings on wyzecam app and restart device? Delete device? Hold that button in the wyzecam to get that message of Ready to Connect?

Also there is a button to reset the device as well on the wyzecam right? Or its only one button?

I like to know what I need to do right now… as its flashing orange light on the back of the wyzecam.

Sorry for delay - keep in mind none of us work for the company, we’re all just fellow customers that like to help out.

The blinking yellow means the camera is having trouble connecting to wifi. Resetting it should resolve.
Press the + in top left of app and tap add device as though you were setting up a new camera (you dont need to delete from app before that)

App will ask for the wifi name/password that the camera will connect to. If the tablet/phone you are using to connect is connected to that wifi, it will be there, if its not, you will need to type it in exactly (it is ALL case sensitive) once the setup finishes you should see the camera in the app and it will be functional. If not I suggest reaching out to Wyze Support (click support on top right of site) as the server issue is resolved and they will be able to diagnose further.