New Location and Wifi... Wyzecam Doesn't Start Up?

I installed wyzecam in the US with my iphone and set it up there and it worked but many times it had issues but usually unplugging it and powering it back on. I tried this in the US and it seemed to work pretty okay.

I brought my wyzecam with me to another country… and the moment i connected it an outlet in the apartment, it keeps on flashing blue and orange. It never stays blue. I unplugged it multiple times. I no longer am using this wyzecam in the us address. Does this mean i have to do a complete reset of it in order for it to work? And also put in the new wifi code since different internet? I did not do any of this but i thought shouldn’t it still connect though? I unplugged and plugged wyzecam many times already and it keeps flashing orange and blue. Does this happen when you want to use it in another location.

Because i thought even if i bring my wyzeman to a different apartment, well if i go on data and don’t use wifi, wouldn’t that still work?

Without being sarcastic - YES
New internet connection requires new setup.


You have to go through the setup process again like you did when you first got the camera.
The Wyze app (account) will remember all of your settings if you use the same camera name.

From the troubleshooting guide:
If the camera returns to Blink Yellow/Blue but never reconnects, set the camera up as a new device.


Good and correct advise from @gemniii and above.

Additional info: if you want to travel with a camera and avoid having to set it up everyplace you go, you can use a small inexpensive travel router as an intermediary device. The router will remember the wifi settings at each location your visit and the camera will be set to the routers external wifi so only need to be set once. Instructions found at the last section here:

(Setting up on a network with a login portal)

In this case, if pauly2 had used the same SSID and password in both locations wouild the camera have connected to the Wifi?

Yes, it should.

I plugged the camera into outlet. It shows orange light for a little bit… no flashing. Then there is a sound and its flashing between orange and blue… does not stop. I did this many times already.

So that means i have to follow 2nd step posted by angus right? Which is power cycle it? I checked power cycle and all that means is unplug it from the outlet for 5-10 seconds and plug it back in? If so, same thing… orange light for few seconds… then back to blinking orange and blue entire time…

So I already did the power cycle many times right? I unplugged and plugged it back in… always solid orange light for few seconds… then a sound… then it goes to blinking between orange and blue the entire time.

I can’t click setup right since there is a flashing light? I read you click on setup to set it up but the issue is there is no solid orange light.

So does this mean i HAVE to set it up as new device? And where are the instructions for this? Is it factory reset?

Can someone tell me if im what doing is correct with the power cycle? The thing is i do not have the instruction paper with me at the moment. But when i first installed it on my computer in my other location, it worked fine.

It sounds like you are power cycling your camera unnecessarily. Try leaving it plugged in while you are trying to set it up. Here again is the link to the Wyze Cam Setup Guide from the Support pages.

Yes, you will need to set it up as if it is new because you are changing the network it is connected to.

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I pressed the +add a device

  1. connect phone to your 2.4ghz wifi network

2: connect camera to a power outlet and wait until status light flashes yellow.

  1. Press and hold the setup button until you hear ready to connect

So i connected it to power outlet. It goes orange solid for few second only. I only have few second to hold the setup button? Why does it say yellow when its more orange?

I tried holding the setup button, There is no ready to connect message. What am i doing wrong here? I did this right the first time when i set it up initially.

Hey all i got it to work.

Thanks for the help all.

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Good to hear! :slight_smile: