Wyze cam not connecting on setup

I am in the Uk and bought a cam2 off Amazon.com. It was delivered March 26 and worked ok. I then bought a second on January 12 which also worked ok for a couple of weeks.
I then found the first cam disconnected and wouldn’t reconnect. It just went to blue flashing light. I tried power recycle, deleting and resetting up. Each attempt was blue flashing light.
This then occurred also on the second cam, just blue flashing light. Neither now work.
I have tried all the suggestions on here without success. I have tried reflashing firmware. I switched off my firewall too. All I get is blue flashing light.

Any suggestions otherwise I simply have two useless cameras. Cannot return to amazon as one out of period and the postage makes it uneconomical.

Oops, just noticed delivery dates are the wrong way round. Lol, sorry :slight_smile:

Here’s the Connectivity Troubleshooting guide page. That may help you figure out the issue.



Thanks for the suggestion. I have followed that and tried all the
suggestions several times but no joy. I still get the dreaded blue
flashing light.

Which router are you using? Can you see it connect on your router’s status page (or app)? This almost sounds like something is interfering with the cameras connecting to your router.

That’s what I think too. I’m using a TP-LINK VR600.

There’s nothing showing on the 2.4 WiFi devices on it. Various apple devices connect Also amazon devices and iot.

I’ve also tried using a ZyXEL MODEM/router.

As already said, I tried switching off firewall too

Try clearing the cache of the app and redoing the cameras setup one more time. Might be an authentication issue. Once you have verified the cameras have the correct wifi credentials come back at it again. I doubt its the cameras at all in this instance.

I tried deleting the wyze app on my iPhone and switching off my iPad and iPhone. Switched on iPhone and reinstalled wyze app.

Tried installing wyze cam and gave it 2.4 WiFi with correct password. It made no difference, still goes to blue flashing light.

It’s very strange as originally both worked for weeks before this issue.

Also tried having a cam four feet away from router.

This is quite weird. Maybe its a port issue. Are you port limiting?

No, I checked that.

Also it’s not number of devices limited as I can connect LIFX, MacBook Pro, smart plugs, two fire tv

I wonder if there is a way to set these up for static IP’s instead of using the DHCP then. Its really hard to believe two cameras at the same house have the same problem hardware wise. Its definitely sounding like network end. Maybe you can take the cameras to a friends house and set them up there and see if the same thing happens. New network new password the lot.

As the cams don’t show up on router cannot set up defined ip addresses. Tried different WiFi’s as I changed my router to ZyXell and the back to tp-link.

Might have to send the cameras in then. Create a support ticket for it and see what official support can do. Its so weird that even with different routers you would still experience problems.

Oh I just thought of something that I did while setting up one camera that did this to me. Are you connected to the 2.4ghz side on your phone as well? You have to be connected to the same exact network and in my case I had to forget the 5g side completely to get it to connect properly. Totally forgot about this part. As soon as I connected it and tried the setup again it went straight through. V2

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I had tried to connect using iPad on 5 at first. Then realised and used iPhone on 2.4. Still had the problem so did power recycle and same problem. Then reflashed firmware and same problem.

Yes, it’s strange. As I’m in Uk not sure wyze will support me as not marketed by them here

Do you by chance have any androids to try it out with?

Lol, no, I’m not fond of android.