Camera connect problem resolved on it's own

I attempted to setup a new Wyze cam and it would not connect no matter what I tried, it would attempt connecting 3 times and quit, the firmware upgrade would not install. I gave up and let it sit for 10 hours turned on and decided later to delete it and try another install before returning it for a refund, but this time I noticed a blue light… I tried the camera again and got just a still picture no video, then attempted the firmware upgrade, that had failed many times, and this time it did install the upgrade. I then tried the camera and it showed videos and seemed to be working properly, so I installed the SD card and it works . I have no idea what finally resolved the problem, but it did it on it’s own, non of the troubleshooting suggestions helped.

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Wyze Anomalies I call that !

Wyze server related I’m guessing ?

All in all I’d be happy, not all are.

Thanks for posting this… :+1: