Blue light blinking Cam V2 Connecting to APP Times out. Will connect to internet

Currently the first Wyze V2 connected, Works without issue. Trying to connect additional cameras. Blue Light Blinking. It will at times say WIFI connected. The APP times out every time. I have reset the router, unplugged the camera, cleared the APP cache, ensured I was on the 2.4G and emailed tech support with the Route This codes with no reply yet. Any suggestions? I really want this off my to do list and would love for these to work as I am pleased with the first camera that does work.

Well I have fixed the issue. I connected to my Guest network which is a 2.4 by design and simply had to reset the first camera which was connected to an extender. Took only minutes to complete. Phew. I knew there had to be an easy answer and I couldn’t be happier. Checked off my list and if I helped anyone else I am very happy.

I would factory reset the camera and take the sd card out if you have one and reformat the sd card. One of my pans was doing this a couple weeks ago when I moved it and had to reset it. I had to go through the setup like 10 times.