Wyze pan cam blinking blue and orange light

what to do my my wyze pan cam wont work anymore just blinking blue and orange light

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Here is some information regarding your light status from the LED Status Light Indicator Knowledge Article.

Flashing yellow, yellow and blue, or blue

Note: The same troubleshooting steps will be taken if the status light is flashing.

  1. Power cycle the camera by unplugging the power and plugging it back in.
  2. If the camera returns to flashing yellow but never reconnects, set the camera up as a new device.
  3. On the Home tab of the Wyze app, tap the + plus sign in the upper left, then select “Add Device” . (This can be used to re-setup a camera as well) This will initiate the setup process for the camera. Follow the prompts on the screen to setup your camera again.

If these steps do not work you may need to try to manually flash the device. See section 2 for the Cam Pan

Re boot your wifi system,power cycle all devices,sign out of app then back into your app,y might need to re configure the cams

This is the second Wyze Cam Pan for me to do this same thing. I noticed that the lights were flashing yellow/blue and the device was restarting every 30 seconds by seeing it spinning and doing the set up process. I’ve power cycled it about a hundred times and even removed it from my device list on my app. When I attempt to add it back to my app I get to the connecting part for the Wi-Fi and it times out and tells me to check my password, but I have verified it multiple times. Mine started this about two months ago and I sort of forgot about it until I plugged it back in today and it is still not working. My first one I eventually threw it away and bought this one because i couldn’t find a solution and Wyze was not accommodating in any way other than to power cycle and set up - seems the equipment is faulty after so long - I have a Pan 2 so I’ll give that one another few months before I probably see the same issue. Searched high and low for a solution, the closest I got was flashing a Firmware, but it didn’t take on my first device.

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We have both P.T.Z. the V2 firmware is,and P.T.Z. V1 is