Pan cam seems bricked; solid yellow light, won't do anything else

I got this from a vendor and I’m trying to decide if I should invest in more Wyze or some other brand. This worked for a few months. Now go to plug it in again.

Doesn’t show in the app. (updated app on iPhone)
power cycled; only shows SOLID yellow
pressed “setup” button; nothing happens.
from router logs, does not show connected to wireless

update; did the “factory reset” and held down the setup button for 90 seconds, timed on a stopwatch. Solid yellow light never blinked and nothing changes.

How do I get this working again?

update; trying the manual download firmware and flash;

I DID get a blue light here, so maybe some progress. The link says wait 2-3 minutes but it’s taking WAY longer than that. I still have the LIGHT BLUE blinking light after 10 minutes.

30 minutes later, still blinking light blue light

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Good afternoon @jlackman are you having this issue with the Cam Pan v2?

Same as in this thread?

it seems very similar. My next steps are;

try the factory firmware from microSD while closer to the router in case it’s a wireless connectivity issue as I am on the other end of the house.

Tonight I’m upgrading firmware on wireless Netgear router (can’t do that during the day)

upgraded Netgear. Cam is stuck on the blinking light blue light no matter what I do. I think I’m going to abandon the effort and go to another brand. I have 15 arlos which don’t work (they’re old) and I’m looking at buying a bunch of Wyze or Blink.