Wyzecam Not Turning On?

Hi all. My wyzecam for some reason doesn’t turn on.

I use it with my iphone and previously there was no issues. When i unplug it and plug it back in, there is a sound, then sold orange light for a good bit… then you hear a cracking sound… then it immediately turns off. I then go to wyzecam and click turn on… and it does not turn on.

Normally whenever i unplug my wyzecam and plug it back in… i recall this was not the process. Such as the light and blinking thing… then I would go to wyzecam on my iphone and click turn on and then it turns on with the blue light.

The thing is earlier, there was a short power outage, but i have all my devices connected to a power surge. Thus it protects all the devices.

I assume that isn’t the reason for this? I think I had this happen before with the similar process where I described with the sound and it doesn’t turn on.

Do I need to reset it? If so, how do i do this? Also when the power went out… my wyzecam was not even turned on if that matters. My other devices connected to my power surge… monitors and everything were on and when power came back on, all those devices worked. But when i tried to turn on my wyzecam, it didn’t work.

I like to add. The last few weeks or so, I gotten that message of updating my firmware and i kept ignoring it. Could that possibly be the reason for this? If so, how do i update the firmware?

Info here on manually flashing your firmware.

This is your best bet at resolving.

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I"m confused. So this is the only way i can fix this issue? Do you have any idea why im having these issues? Could i just reset it and add it as new device or something like that?

What you’re describing sounds like it cant boot the firmware so it shuts down and reboots itself.

You can try a factory reset:

But it may not get you anywhere.

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If you have sd card, remove it. Might had been corrupted if U did not eject it first.
Reset to reboot.

This is a definite issue! Try flashing the firmware as @joedel263 mentioned.
If the issue continues, You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

The issue may have been caused by you not updating the firmware, but it’s not likely. You should update your firmware when prompted on all Wyze products because it adds new features, improvements, security updates, and more. Here’s how to update:

When i go to wyzecam, then account, then firmware upgrade it shows

status unknown

latest version : n/a

current version

Only thing i can click on is whats new… do i do this?

I do have a micro sd card in it. But i rarely if ever take it out. I left it there all the time.

So if i flash it… is there any risk to it like can cause damage? Im confused so im doing all this on my iphone when downloading the webcams special firmware here? Im confused but is this done on my laptop or on my iphone? That is very confusing because it says windows ten or mac… so its talking about a computer?

Okay so what do i do first? Try to factory reset it and or flash the firmware?

A while back i recalled I did a factory reset and it worked… but not sure if it was the same exact issue… but basically my camera didn’t turn on. Also i never removed the micro sd card from it. Is that required? On the link that was posted to factory reset, it said you need to remove the micro sd chip. So is that a requirement?

So how did this happen? It has to be because I didn’t update my firmware for so long right? Or it could be because of the short power outage? Again it was connected to a power surge. Because it was working hours before the power surge. But i then turned it off for hours… then power surge … then bit later i tried to turn on and it didn’t work etc. This is so frustrating.

Status: unknown means its not able to connect to the camera.

I dont mean this negatively, but it sounds as if you are uncomfortable with the troubleshooting process (its definitely a lot!) If you call Wyze customer support, they are great and they can walk you through everything step by step so you dont miss anything.

To flash the firmware you would need a computer, as you would download the file from there to your sd card and then copy it over to the camera. If done properly theres no risk of damage to the camera.

No real way to say how your issue arose, as there are many things in play. The important thing is youre on top of it to get it resolved.

Yes im uncomfortable with this whole process. Last time i had an issue where i could not get camera to work because i traveled from one place to another and it didn’t recognize my new internet… though i have used it previously before. I recalled fixing this issue somehow and it was a bit complicated… but wasn’t that that hard.

But this time… you say you need to do this with a computer to flash the firmware and that is where is overwhelming for me. The thing here is the micro sd card i have is really old… its over ten years old that i used for a digital camera a while back but when i got the wyzecam a while back, i put the micro sd card in it and it worked recording etc. Thus i never did anything to the micro sd card afterward… just left it inside even when resetting/troubleshooting it etc.

Well… i dont think my laptop has a slot to put the micro sd card inside it? I have a dell xps laptop. I know many years ago … ten plus years ago… there was place to put the micro sd card in a desktop/laptop but i dont think i have it on my laptop?

Could i try factory resetting it as someone here suggestded it? Is there any harm in trying this firm? Flashing the firmware seems lot a lot when it involves using my laptop for it.

Wait… you can call wyzecam customer support and they help you for free over the phone? I bought this wyzecam a while back… at least over a year ago i recalled. I dont believe i added anything to it like some warranty plan etc. I could imagine they answer your emails and forum for free… but they help over the phone? Or does it cost a subscription for it?


You can call them By phone: tel:+1-844-999-3226 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
That is toll-free and you shouldn’t be charged for long-distance.

They may not be able to replace it for you if it’s older then a year, but you should still call.

Okay thanks for that information. But my only two options now if i want to try is reset it… or firmware flash it correct?

Is there any harm is doing a reset as that is probably the safer way?

And how do you all download the firmware flash thing if it requires a computer? Because the microsd card you take out of the wyzecam… how do i connect it to your laptop? I dont think modern laptops nowadays allow this? I know a long time ago laptops had a spot to put in a microusb in it.

So i tried to factory reset it… but for some reason it doesn’t scan the qr code when i hold it to my iphone. What do i do here? Also someone mentioned you need to take out the micro sd out first before you reset it… is that necessary?

Right now when its plugged in… it flashing orange light…

So i got it to say qr code scanned. But then i got message… it will take one minute… then it didn’t complete the process.

I then reset it and tried it again… same thing.

Connecting… this could take a minute… and it never completes?

During this time, the back of the wyzecam is flashing orange then blue and repeats…

I get message

Connection failed

Try retyping your password. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your router and modem…

Same issue over and over. I keep getting

Connection failed

Try retyping your password. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your router and modem…

Does anyone else have this issue? Basically after it scans the QR code… which takes many tries for me to do… check the button… then it says connecting… wait a minute…

Then connection failed

Try retyping your password. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your router and modem.

Is this a wifi issue or something else? I also recall you had to type in your wifi connection and password exactly as it is right? If so, i did that and made sure its capitalized as well. So why am i having this issue?

Is your network a 2.4GHZ or a 5GHZ? If they’re combined, separate them in your router settings.

Im not sure. But I had my wyzecam connected to it working previously with not much of an issue before this. Im close to positive its configured correctly… my modem/router… which is a two in one.