Wyzecam Blue LIght Doesn't Turn On?

I have had the wyzecam for a while. Its the wyzecam 2. Sometimes when im not using it and turned it off, i would unplug it from the surge protector sometimes.

I recently just did this and then plugged it back into the surge protector. Everytime I do this previously, it would make a clicking sound and you see orange light flicker and then after a while, blue light blinks and then it stays on. Then i click turn on from my iphone.

For some reason, there is no light on the wyzecam. You see the orange light blink for a bit… then it turns off completely. Normally it goes to blinking blue light and then stays blue light. Anyone know why im having this issue?

Are you able to see it on your phone after a few minutes?

Okay for some reason, it now turns on. Previously it did not turn on. But whenever you disconnect it from outlet and plug it back in, there should not be a reset issue right?

If you unplug it and plug it back in it should power up and reconnect. The reason I asked if you could see it on your phone is because there is an option to turn off the blue light and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t set to off. If that light is set to off the light would go out once it connects.

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