Wyzecam Doesn't Turn On Due to Internet/Power Outage

Have a wyzecam in an apartment and left it turned on since I wouldn’t be there for a while. There was no issue when viewing it from my iphone for a bit… until i recently notice it didn’t turn on anymore. Called a neighbor who lives in that building and they tell me internet has been really bad and not working so i figure that is the reason for this. Have my own internet there but that building has shared internet but same company. Well i am pretty sure my internet has to be back by now… but when i check wyzecam on my iphone, it shows

Connection failed

Please try: Force close app and retrry
Power cycle the camera

I guess only way to fix this is when i get back to that apartment, unplug the camera and plug it back in? I do recall when i had an internet or power outage, cameras go off but do eventually work again once the power/internet gets back on. I don’t even remember needing to unplug it from outlet and plug it back in. Usually just turning on in the iphone wyze cam app does it.

Anyone have opinion on this?

I’m just guessing but I think sometimes its a timing problem.
Power goes off, Network goes down, cam goes down.
Power comes back on, Cam comes up before network fully reboots, cam times out,

I’ve had cams go down 900 miles away and not come back up for several days. Not often, but several times over the years.

A work around is to have your cams reboot daily using a rule.


Okay so the only way is thus when i go back to that apartment, check what is the issue right?

Thus not a way for me to fix it or reset it with my iphone? It shows that message everytime i check that camera etc.

Yes. The internet being out for a long time most likely caused the camera to stop trying to connect.

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How long do they go before they quit trying?
This constant having to guess at what is happening made me 100% positive to recommend my friends and relatives stay away from the Wyze Home Monitoring system.

I rely on my cameras to show me what happened, but I have given up on expecting it to be timely or expecting the “detection” AI to work.

I’m not sure, but I’d like to know too! There definitely has to be some point the he camera stops trying to connect because I have had cameras that have done(they come back online after power-cycling).