Old Wyzecam 2 Randomly Offline?

I have 2 old wyzecams. One is in one location and the other is in my apartment. Now the one in my apartment, I rarely have it on unless I’m outside my apartment. So when I’m inside, I rarely turn it on. So it would be off.

Sometimes when I want to turn it on, I can’t because it’s offline. During the day and night you hear a sound of like it is going on or off even though it’s OFF. So sometimes when I want to turn it on with my iphone, I can’t. Last time I remember when I had this issue, I unplugged the wyzecam from the outlet and waited a bit. Either it kept showing offline so turning it on doesn’t work, or it did show up and then I click on to turn it on. However, the wyzecam just seem to randomly make this restarting noise few times a day like imagine if you were to unplug wyzecam from outlet and plug it back in.

Anyone know how to fix this issue? Anyone have their wyzecam 2 go offline for? Sometimes it goes offline for hours. Again most of the time I don’t have it turned on because I’m inside the apartment. But when I am not in the apartment, sometimes the wyzecam is offline so I can’t even turn it on sometimes. Firmware is updated.

Sadly the V2 cameras are dinosaurs now and not worth the time to fix. Either upgrade to the version 3 line or try another company. Just so you know I still have a lot of V2 cameras, several new in their boxes. Wyze keeps coming out with new products way too soon making us buy the newer versions, so yeah I don’t agree with their business model.

That sounds like it is rebooting - either the camera itself or it’s losing power. Try a different power source and see if that makes a difference. I do somewhat agree with Resist that the V2 is old enough that it’s not worth putting a lot of effort into it. If a different power source does not help, you might try the re-add it to your account, and you really are inspired, you can try re-flashing the firmware. That is likely as far as I would go with a V2. I own 18 V2 cameras of which four have died, but the oldest one is still alive and well after five years and one month since it’s activation date.

I largely disagree on this statement. It’s a technology business and they either keep coming out with new products, or get left behind. I do however think they should have stayed closer to their core business and not tried to do everything.

As far as forcing you to buy the newer products, remember that you can buy a new V2 today (Wyze store shows sold out, but Amazon has them), and even the V1 is at least mostly supported (yea, I know there is an odd issue some people are having).

While coming out with new products is good for a tech company, releasing them so quickly is bad for the consumer. Wyze doesn’t even bother to fix the issues with the products before releasing a new version, of which it then has different issues. And yes, they are forcing us to buy the newer products when older ones have bugs that they never address or even acknowledge. The reason for this is that they don’t let their people fix the problems, instead it’s all about moving on. This is not good business!

So how old is this wyzecam 2 exactly then? Is it really a dinosaur? So it’s the 2nd oldest wyzecam from wyzecam? I just recalled back then when I bought it years ago, it was decent. Then if you didn’t sign up for that detection thing, then you have to pay a monthly fee for it. So when I signed up for it, I still get the notifications. So this has to be either the wyzecam or the outlet it is connected to and nothing more then? Earlier when the wyzecam 2 was offline, I unplugged it from outlet. Then plug it back in and you hear that reboot sound. Then it showed online where I could turn on again.

So how common is this? So most people use new wyzecam’s now?

Hey paulyronnie

I have 8 stupid resilient v2s that I’ve abused outdoors for 3-5 years. They plug on. :slight_smile:

For me the nighttime ‘color vision’ Wyze introduced with the v3 has been the hardest thing to resist. The tradeoff as I understand it is the v2 maintains a stronger signal at a distance. And the v3 is outdoor rated but can suffer lens fogging my wetted v2s have not.

From days of yore:

‘Exercising’ the power plug/socket combo - plugging and unplugging the plug into the socket on the back of the cam several times in succession with POWER OFF - was the simple subject of one of these Tips on Tuesday segments, IIRC. Can’t find it, but Gwendolyn demonstrates it within a greater process above.

Anyone here have this issue? When I check wyze app on my iphone, it shows offline quite a bit. The only way to fix it temporarily is unplug the wyzecam 2 from the outlet and plug it back in. The thing is a bit later, it would then go offline.

Is this 100% the wyzecam 2? I know this is an old wyzecam but are most people having issues?