Power outage over but cams not connecting

Just got power back after 2 days here in the Midwest.
However, our internet is still down but wifi is working fine (separate router).

But the wyze cameras aren’t connecting.
Error code:0

Shouldn’t the cameras connect even if my ISP is down?

After the cams come back from a power outage the cameras need to contact the servers before they start recording again. If you lose internet but not power they will continue to record, but the loss of power causes it to have to connect before starting again.

So I need internet then?

Shouldn’t these work if my wifi is fine?

Can I get em back on to the servers using my iPhone Hotspot and then change them back to the old network (wifi)?

They need an initial internet connection, you could get them back online using the phone as a WiFi hotspot possibly if you have the same SSID and password, otherwise you would have to go through setup.