Wyze cam status light flashing LIGHT BLUE

Wyze cam status light flashing LIGHT BLUE.

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Hi, @GrandPaDave! The flashing blue LED indicates the cam is connected and setup is finished. If it isn’t connecting to your WiFi power cycle the cam.

Also, if you can provide a little more information about the issue you’re having the community may be able to assist better.


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Want to revert the webcam firmware update?

  • Note: The “Solid Blue” in this case is not the same as the one normally seen on the camera. Instead, both the blue and yellow LEDs will
    be on at once, making it appear to be a lighter blue.*

This is what I was referring to as the blinking light blue light. Problem is it continues to blink - never turns blinking yellow or solid “dark” blue. To turn off I have to unplug power.

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The light blue light is the blue and orange together. The instructions caution not to confuse with this with

Thanks for clarifying. I haven’t actually tried using the Wyze cams for a webcam so I’m not much help. I’ll tag @tomp I believe he has experimented with it and may be able to help. Here are the support articles for the webcam firmware instructions.

Revert back to Wyze Cam

My Wyze webcams are blinking like this and are working as webcams, the light blue (blue and yellow led blinking together). What are you trying to get to work or change?

Edit/ and similar to what @StopICU33 said, the more information you provide will help in the troubleshooting process, if that’s the type of assistance you are looking for. There is the reference of “paint the picture”, so people looking on know exactly what is going on. I was thinking exactly what Stop initially replied with because you didn’t refer to the webcam feature at first. Thanks in advance!

Greetings Omgitstony,
Thanks for your response. I’m trying to reset this cam to factory original state. I tried RTSP, but didn’t care for the results. I want cam to function as before.


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The light blue light is the blue and orange together. The instructions caution not to confuse with this with

My Wyze webcams are blinking like this and are working as webcams, the light blue (blue and yellow led blinking together). What are you trying to get to work or change?

@GrandPaDave , Sorry you are having problems. @StopICU33was right, I have used aV2 as both RTSP and a Webcam, and a Pan as a Webcam and reflashed the Firmware back to the standard Wyze Firmware. I had no problems with any of these steps with any of my cams. The instructions here are accurate.
Tips for the process:
Be sure to follow the steps exactly. Hold down the reset button on the bottom of the cam before plugging in the power cable and keep it held down until the light changes. Very important!
Be sure you have not renamed the demo.bin file to anything but that exact name. In Windows it’s possible to name it demo.bin.bin without knowing it.
Be sure you have downloaded the correct version of the firmware. V2 won’t work for Pan and vice-versa.
You may have to repeat the process a couple of times. I’ve been lucky but I’ve seen others have to try repeatedly. If all else fails, try swapping your SD card for a freshly formatted, 32GB card. Don’t format in a cam unless you have to. Use a PC and do a Deep or Full Format
This is the recommended format program for SD cards.

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Greetings tomp,

Thanks for your response. During the step where you hold down the setup button while plugging in USB cable and continue to hold button, I get a momentary yellow light and then light changes to blinking light (pale) blue (blue and yellow together) and it goes on forever.

The above was my reply to you until I looked at instructions again and discovered I wasn’t having to rename a folder from “something” to demo.bin. When I reread# Webcam Firmware Instructions

they end with:

  1. Once complete, the status light will flash yellow and blue at the same time (not alternating)

Wyze Cam will continue to flash yellow and blue at the same time if the webcam firmware is installed properly and the camera is turned on.

When I reread

Want to revert the webcam firmware update?

I must have missed importance of:

    1. Visit the Release Notes page for the latest Wyze Cam v2 firmware file.


Were you able to get this resolved? I’m having the same exact issue and nothing is working. I get the light blue & yellow flashing light and I’ve tried every trouble shooting method possible.

It seems like once a v2 camera has been setup, there is no way to revert it back to factory settings and the setup button becomes pretty much useless.

Currently having what appears to be this exact issue. My cam only blinks blue. Fwiw I only started using this camera 4-5 days before and as soon as I changed my wifi password it seems like it bricked the camera. I have 2 v3 cameras only one of them are working now. The one in error continues to blink blue regardless of plugging out my router and holding down the setup button prior to plugging it in. Any suggestions?

Wow. Maybe the issues I had authenticating explain why my parents’ camera cannot connect and is blinking blue. I tried to reply in this thread and was prompted to login. I did, and it asked me to enter a code texted to me. I did that (pasted automatically from the prompt from the messages app, so I know I didn’t mistype it) and it said the code was invalid. Tried entering it again (manually this time) - invalid again, with another 15 second wait, so I selected a different phone number to have the code sent to. This time, when I entered the code, I got a page that was blank except for the text “Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized”. Was about to try something else and went back to the forum page and… I was logged in!

So I came here because my parents’ cleaning lady bumped the camera and it dropped off the wifi. It’s always been touchy like that, but always reconnects after taking the wire out and putting it back in. I saw her bump it through the camera feed. No big deal. This time though, the camera refuses to connect to the WiFi. It just eventually blinks blue forever and the app says error code 90.

My parents’ WiFi has not changed (same name, same password) and is operating as normal. I would hate to have to remotely walk them through a camera un-pair/re-pair. Have you ever provided remote computer support with an 83yo?

I’m guessing something must have changed with connecting of the older cameras. Maybe they’re behind on firmware updates… They had to login to the Wyze app, which is another unusual clue that something may have changed. Anyone know a way I can avoid the re-pairing procedure to get thei camera back online?