Why does LED fast blink blue after power outage?

I have a v1 Pan, a couple V2, and a bunch of V3s. On all of them, after a power outage the status LED fast blinks blue. Sometimes it happens even if I have the LED turned off. Only recourse is to reboot the camera. Anyone know why this happens and how we can get it fixed? If you want to inform the user that a power outage happened, a push through the app is a better way than making the LED blink abnormally (ie, people complain…).

Probably indicates that the cameras don’t have the proper connection to complete startup. Most likely you don’t have wifi access and the cameras haven’t connected to the Wyze servers for initialization and configuration.

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Yep. It’s doing it because your router is also still booting and the camera can’t connect anywhere.

Flashing blue light Camera is connected, still finishing setup
Firmware update (quick flashing blue light)

Or, possible error state:

Disconnected from external/network server