Wyze Cam Pan LED Blue Indication Light Issue

Model Wyze Cam Pan
Lastest Firmware and up to date

Issue is that the camera is online but there is no LED blue indication light showing connected - Camera

Steps to resolve
Under advanced settings Camera light is enabled ON / I toggled off then on
Synced Time
turn Off/On
Restarted Device
Unplugged Reconnected USB to outlet
Changed USB from another PAN CAM

  • Only thing I did not do was change the cord, could this be the issue??

The camera is working well otherwise? Seems like there was another thread or two about this kind of issue. Might just be a blown LED.

One of my two Pan Cameras also has a failed LED status light.

I agree with others, this may be a broken LED.
Does the yellow LED turn on when the camera boots up?

Yes the YELLOW will activate when restarting.

Camera is functional, not sure if this is a known issue with this model and or LED do fail with devices in general.

Appreciate the responses here,