Wyze Cam V3 Pro flashing/blinking blue light

I just got a new Wyze Cam v3 Pro. I set it up, installed micro SD, and updated firmware. Sometimes I notice that the light is flashing/blinking blue, but the camera otherwise appears to be working perfectly. Why is it flashing?

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Here is a support article showing the meaning of the status lights.

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The camera is on firmware and it’s not updating firmware. It’s connected online and working fine. It’s not in setup. I don’t understand why it’s blinking blue.


It has been my experience in the past when my cameras were blinking blue they were not functioning as intended. They were literally out of my control and was unable to view them with the app.

I understand what you are saying, but in this case the camera is showing me the live feed in my Android app while it’s flashing blue. I don’t understand. It seems to be working fine so why is it flashing blue? How do I find out what the issue is?

I would just pull the plug and plug it back in. Strange things happen after firmware updates. :grin:

It is difficult to tell what the issue may be. Next time it is flashing blue you can submit a log and then contact our Support Team and let them know.


Yeah all 4 of my cameras are flashing / blinking the blue status light. After reboot, power cycle, reconnecting to the network (ensuring the wifi strength is strong) all 4 of my cameras are doing the same, yet they all work fine and app streams them no problem (when on wifi, not connected to wifi - no luck there). NEVER experienced this until AFTER the 2/16/24 breach. So there is something definitely wrong which ive submitted log after log of things that havent been right since 2/16.

Hopefully it gets fixed for those that are sticking around with wyze, my new cameras arrived today and will be recycling my wyze cams this weekend.



Also this,

That is all. :slight_smile: :thinking:

All my 6 cameras have been flashing blue since Jan 2024 firmware updates.
several tickets created . No results.
A power cycle will fix them for 20 minutes or so. then each camera will flash randomly for a period, then a solid light. it repeats all day/night.
The cameras are note reachable in the iOS app sometimes too.
I have a shortcut in the wyze app to reboot them.
Which means - they are connected to a network.
Once rebooted, I can go back in the SD card and confirm the device is on and recording.
V2 cameras, Pan V2 , Pan V3, Floodlight V2 all see the same issue.

Ended up taking a camera, deleted it from my account. installed it at a different home, different iPhone, new account, different Wi-Fi. new SD Card. Problem still followed. I have downgraded back to firmware prior to the updates. no change.
they wanted screenshots of device info for all my cameras affected and a speed test result. i sent them yesterday. waiting for a reply.
in the meantime, I bought a Eufy E220 and set it up last night. May be time to leave Wyze behind.

BTW- my Ring and Netvue cameras are operating fine.