Latest update. 30 September. Cameras do not turn on

Noted other posts re this.

Just updated my six cameras. None of them will now turn back on. Giving error code 90. Device is offline. No effect after device reboot.


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Same problem here.

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right there with you bro.

I called my internet provider, everythings good.

i noticed it didnt update the firmware, or maybe it did, but my device info on each of my cameras still has the firmware before this update.

I have the pan and v2 cams

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In this scenario, the log submitted with in the app may not have the information we need. I am wondering, could you help me get a SD card log? I can PM you more information about how to get it.

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Happy to help. Give me 30 mins. I am winding back the firmware on my cameras. That fixes it pro ten.


From Tony
tchoklat wheatens

Thanks Tony, I am afraid that if you revert it back the log with useful information may be lost. So, could you get a SD card log for me with the current problematic situation? Assuming you camera is flashing blue right now?

what do you need from sd card?

can you pop out SD card and re-insert into the camera? After two chime sound you can take out the SD card. On a PC/Mac with a SD card adapter, please put your card inside and send me the log_XXXX.txt file under SD card root directory.

log file like this from the camera with issues is what we are looking for.

Same problem on both v2 & Pan cameras.
Firmware Flash failed.
Error Code 90.
Reboot doesn’t work.
Flashing new firmware SD card manually still does not go online.
Removing device and re-adding device - QSR Code Timeout.

how do i send it? it wont let me upload it here

Just PM you. Thanks!

Right. Go ahead.

From Tony
tchoklat wheatens

Yep me 2, cameras down.

Times out unusually quick ;(

Wind back the firmware to July version. Works well.

I can confirm that a manual re-flash back to Firmware does work.
This is after removing the device and going through the setup again.
Scanning the QSR code does not timeout.
Successful setup with old Firmware,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but is there a step by step for that process?

just tried after reading your post. did not work for me. timed out many times or said my network doesnt exist.

As of right now, i have 1-camera blinking amber and the other blinking blue.