Cam Pan suddently not connecting

Received message “Device is offline (error code 90) Please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera.”
Internet is good. Power cycled the camera. Even performed a factory reset. Still no go.
It’s been a reliable camera until now… ;(
Any suggestions? Not super techie, could use an assist.

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Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to force close your app and reopen the app and then try to connect to the camera?

Thank you. I’ve closed the app. Not sure what a forced close entails. Mind elaborating?

No problem. Just make sure the app is completely closed, and not still running in the background. Android has a force close function, but like I said, just make sure it’s completely closed so that the next time you open the app it’s a fresh run.


I don’t have a “force stop” on my Wyze app. Don’t have it on my Maps app either…as shown in your example. I tried logging out of the Wyze app, plugged the camera back in, opened the app, re-logged in, and got the same message. What am I missing?

I don’t have the production app on my phone so I was using maps as a stunt double of sorts to display that page. Just make sure how ever it is on your device that the app is closed and not running in the background. What does the status light on the camera do when you plug in the camera?

Light flashes yellow on plug in. Pardon my naivete, how do I know it’s not running in the background? Would logging out do that? I got the ‘stunt double’ bit. :+1: And appreciate the example. I checked Maps and a couple other apps for Force Close and did not find it.

@Omgitstony have I lost you? I’ve appreciated your help so far. Any further assistance on this? Or do I have to trash this one and start over with another? Thank you.

Sent 9/24/21:
Light flashes yellow on plug in. Pardon my naivete, how do I know it’s not running in the background? Would logging out do that? I got the ‘stunt double’ bit. :+1: And appreciate the example. I checked Maps and a couple other apps for Force Close and did not find it.

If your Pan is flashing yellow, your reset may not have completed. To simplify, please do the following in this order:

  • Go to the Google Play store and make sure your Wyze app is up to date.

  • Unplug your cam.

  • Power off your router (and APs if you have mesh WiFi).

  • Wait about 10 seconds, then power router back up (and APs if you have mesh WiFi).

  • Wait about 5 minutes.

  • Restart your phone and make sure it connects to your WiFi and you have Internet access.

  • Plug cam back in and go through the setup procedure.

  • If the setup procedure is successful, check for Cam Pan firmware updates and apply them if available.

  • Let us know if you can live stream your cam.


Naa because the app would still be running. A restart of the phone should kill any background apps if you don’t know how to make sure they arnt running in the background.

And thanks to @Seapup for chimeing in here!

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How do I force close the app? I am sooo not tech savvy and my brain will turn off at the slightest upset. Since the internet had issues with FB today everything stopped working. My ex helped me set things up but he won’t help again and I’ve tried to go through anything I can see to start things up again including unplugging the power, taking out and reinserting the chip, powering the cameras again and it says everything is off and all updates failed. It also says my base has bad internet connection but everything is connected. HELP!!!

troubleshooting includes bouncing your entire local network? that’s strange. Is that just to force pickup of a new IP or what? I cannot bounce my network in the middle of the day.

Not troubleshooting… establishing a baseline. They are merely simplified steps for the OP, ReneeM.

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Last time I looked Wyze was still trying to find a fix. Forcing the app to close won’t make any difference.

I have 2 wyze cam pan v2 + 1 and wyze cam pan v1.
1 v2 + 1 v1 have stopped connecting.
I can’t get them to reconnect /reinstall no matter what I’ve tried.
Force stop app.
Reinstall cams
Update software
Reboot router
Called help desk

Is this a wyze issue?
Is there a fix coming?

Help desk said that they were sending me to “level 2”, but there’s been no contact from them.

I have 8 cameras 2 are pan 6 are v2 only 2 are working and 6 give the 90 code and the two that are working are two that I did not do the firmware update. This tell you anything? Im very mad over this too. My cams didnt fail they were broken by the last firmware update. I can guarantee you I can hit update on the 2 and they will quit too wana bet?

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ALL my Wyze cameras from old to brand new ones, 2 days ago all went offline and will not connect.–Cameras, plugs, doorbells. Yes, have done everything Wyze asked me to try. It’s NOT my internet! All was well till 2:30AM 2 days ago. That good old error code 90. I am heartbroken. If they don’t get it fixed real soon, I’m moving on to another company!

If not your internet, then what about your router/wifi? Restart that then restart the cameras/etc?

I’m going through the same. 5 cameras all stopped connecting. No matter what i do they cycle 3 or more times and fail. Just a waste of money!

I was able to get it resolved but it took several hours and about 7 calls in a 2 day period to get it to that point. Every person I spoke with had a different solution and none worked. FINALLY someone was able to get to the bottom of it all the 2nd day. I’d love to tell you what they had he do but I’m lucky I can remember my own damn name. I’m 62 abs not at all tech savvy. Call and ask to speak to a supervisor, that should help!