Wyzecam not capturing the motion of people walking by but captures trees swaying

I have 3 cams. One by the front door will not capture anyone walking to the door or in front of the house on the sidewalk. It will capture a bush swaying in the breeze. Another cam is facing the driveway/chainlink fence. It will not capture the motion made by me walking to my vehicle or down the fence line. It will capture trees swaying in the breeze. Both of these cams are inside behind a glass window.

The third camera is inside, not behind glass, and captures motion as expected.

I’ve adjusted the motion sensitivity through all settings but I get the same results.

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Anyone? Anyone? - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I have one pointed out my front door behind that is also behind a screen. It picks up motion that I can’t even see, but it did also pick up the delivery man walking to my door as well. It was quite windy today as well, so I’m sure that made it much worse.

It’s quite entertaining to see what it captures as motion – it goes from 1/2 the screen to very small blocks. Hopefully it will get better w/ future updates.

Is this recording on SD or sending Alerts? If it is alert videos, the the man walking to your door was in the 5 minute alarm rate limiting “cool down” period. (EDIT: I just re-read your post and you said it did catch the delivery man) If you are in the Beta, use the “Motion Detection Zone” to limit what will send an alert. You may need to set the detection zone so it only detects from the knees down, you want to avoid including traffic, people walking by on the sidewalk, and trees. Otherwise you will get lots of alarms (mostly false alarms), and miss significant events because they happen during the cool down period, where no alerts are sent. If you have an SD, it will record the events, but it isn’t clear to me if the motion detection zone is used only by the motion alerts or “record on events”. Record on Event will record movement regardless of whether you have motion alerts active. I am not sure what is considered an “event”.