Can User increase motion detection sensitivity

I have a v1 camera. Not had much need for it until the last month. Issue is motion not always detected/recorded. This morning my neighbor entered our house going thru the motion detection zone as she does every other day. Like a number of instances her presence is not detected. Yet the camera picks up the sound of the nearby wall clock. Is there anyway i can adjust the sensitivity? and remotely? I have a back order for two more cameras but am now thinking i should cancel.

There are several support topics related to this:

Keep in mind that there is a 5 minute cool down period between alert clips. So if another motion event triggered a clip less than 5 minutes before your visitor, then you might not get an alert for her.

You might want to consider installing a microSD card in the camera which can be set to record motion events only, but in this case will retain all motion up to the capacity of the card (several days) with no cool down period.