V2 Cameras Too Sensitive, Even set to "1"

I have 8 V2 cameras scattered around my property, mostly indoors. The indoor cameras are especially sensitive, even with the setting dropped down as low as 1-5. They trigger multiple times per day, record, and notify me, but when I review the recording no motion is found. Sometimes sun beaming through a window onto the floor triggers them, but I feel that should not be a problem with the sensitivity at 1. Many times there is zero motion or sun reflection, and the green box chooses something at random to home in on. This seems even worse since they upgraded the firmware yesterday (to

Some of them have the Detection Zone turn on, some do not. It does not seem to matter.

Are there any suggestions to help this?


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You could link a Wyze PIR motion sensor to the camera so it only picks up people/real motion.

I was just about to post the exact same problem. I have my V2 Cam set to as low sensitivity as possible but it still alerts me to every tiny shadow and reflection. And this is in my basement, where the only tiniest hints of reflections or shadows come from occasional cars driving by or me walking past the window.

I want the motion alerts because I want to know if something is actually moving but all of my alerts are false alarms from these light effects, and they are super subtle. I’ve set up a tiny motion capture zone, too, but if that tiny little bit of shadow or reflection crosses into it, bam, alert time.

On one hand it’s awesome that the camera is so sensitive but what’s the point of a sensitivity setting if the lowest possible setting picks up the exact same events as the highest setting?