Motion detection insight

Hey all. I am thinking about replacing my existing cameras and migrating over to a Wyze cam system. My only reservation is in understanding how these cameras create motion alert events. I understand that you can adjust the sensitivity on them but I really only want motion triggered events to occur if a human is detected. I do not want to know every time it is raining or when the tree shawdow sways in the wind. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know these cameras are not rated for outdoor use and I have a plan for that that I would rather not get into.

Wyze Cams currently can only define a single rectangular area to watch for motion, but that’s enough for me to exclude the top half of the picture so I don’t get an alert every time a car goes by. I believe the sensitivity slider adjusts the threshold of changed pixels from one frame to another, but I don’t know exactly how it works. In my experience setting the sensitivity lower makes little difference since most alerts (clouds changing the ground brightness, bug flying in front of the camera, etc.) tend to change almost the whole picture.

Motion detection is definitely not “smart” like some NVR software, but I deal with the 5-10 false alerts per day because I like the product overall. If Wyze adds support for non-rectangular or multiple detection zones that would solve 90% of the false alerts.