Detection setting sensitivity

Setup the Wyze Cam Pan today. Very impressed. I want to know which setting with keep the alerts to a minimum. Is it Sensitivity setting of 100 or Sensitivity setting of 1?


Sensitivity sensing of 1 (slider all the way to the left I believe would be less sensitive thereby needing more pixels to change to trigger ‘movement’.

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@yesdharam, This is from the support section on motion detection settings.

There are ways to adjust how likely you are to receive a false alert like this. The first is the motion detection sensitivity slider in your Wyze Cam’s Alert Settings. The slider has a range of 1-100 and will adjust the percentage of changed pixels that are necessary to generate an event video. At the lower sensitivity levels (going toward 1), more pixels will be needed to trigger recording an event video. At higher sensitivity levels (moving toward 100), fewer pixels have to be changed before an event video is generated. Please note that this does not mean 1% of the pixels to 100% of the pixels in the image. You can still receive an event video even if you have the sensitivity set to 1 and not all of the pixels have changed. If you have been receiving too many false alerts, turning down the sensitivity should help.


Cam Pan needs to be set higher than a v2 or it won’t detect motion I have mine set at 70% YMMV
best way is trial and error


Is there a similar setting for the Wyze motion sensors? Because I’m getting notifications every few moments from trees moving. (yes, I used it outside)

No, there is not. Here are the Wyze Sense support pages.

Thank you.

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